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Crash during sending mail dialog display [@ FindNextNode]


(Core :: Spelling checker, defect)

1.8 Branch
Windows XP
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(Reporter: davelewis.pdx, Assigned: mscott)



(Keywords: crash, regression)

Crash Data

User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060705 Minefield/3.0a1
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060705 Thunderbird/3.0a1 - Build ID: 2006070506

After clicking the icon to send an email the "Sending Mail" dialog box is displayed and a program crash occurs.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Compose email
2.Click on the "send" email icon
3."Sending Mail" dialog box is displayed when the crash occurs

Actual Results:  
The email is actually sent but Thunderbird crashes.

Expected Results:  
Email should be sent and the compose email window closes.

1. I use the Noia 2.0 eXtreme (ver. 2.88) theme but disabling it and selecting the default theme results in the same crash.
2. I disabled my antivirus program from screening the outgoing emails with no effect - the crash still occurred.
3. I disabled the Tagzilla extension - crash still occurred.
4. TB20620308Q
I forgot to mention that this crash occurred on the 7/4 build as well. The last build that works for me is Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060703 Thunderbird/3.0a1 - Build ID: 2006070306. This is my first bug report so please let me know if I failed to provide any info that you need.

Additional info that may be related to this crash: I found that if I open a compose window and then click on the window exit icon or via menu options file->close or via keyboard (Ctrl-W), a crash occurs. Since the email in my original post is actually sent I am speculating that the crash occurs due to the closing of the compose window.
Keywords: regression
Hi all,
      Confirmed from my side. shows the same thing.
Having that too on version 3 alpha 1 (20060705)
bug 343697 is dupe.
This was crashing for me before today, but it appears to be working again in today's trunk build, version 3 alpha 1 (20060706). Can anyone else confirm, and close the bug?
Mike, today's build (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060706 Thunderbird/3.0a1 - Build ID: 2006070605) is working fine. No crashes at all on my installation. Sorry, I was gone all day.
same here with the new trunk build, version 3 alpha 1 (20060706)it's working fine without any issues.
*** Bug 343697 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Incident ID: 20620308
Stack Signature	FindNextNode 2bf4b38a
Product ID	ThunderbirdTrunk
Build ID	2006070506
Trigger Time	2006-07-05 11:57:48.0
Platform	Win32
Operating System	Windows NT 5.1 build 2600
Module	spellchk.dll + (0000536e)
URL visited	
User Comments	Crash following clicking on the send mail icon and during the "Sending Mail" dialog box display.
Since Last Crash	75 sec
Total Uptime	1552 sec
Trigger Reason	Access violation
Source File, Line No.	e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/extensions/spellcheck/src/mozInlineSpellWordUtil.cpp, line 143
Stack Trace 	
FindNextNode  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/extensions/spellcheck/src/mozInlineSpellWordUtil.cpp, line 143]
mozInlineSpellWordUtil::BuildSoftText  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/extensions/spellcheck/src/mozInlineSpellWordUtil.cpp, line 607]
mozInlineSpellWordUtil::EnsureWords  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/extensions/spellcheck/src/mozInlineSpellWordUtil.cpp, line 259]
mozInlineSpellChecker::SpellCheckAfterEditorChange  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/extensions/spellcheck/src/mozInlineSpellChecker.cpp, line 318]
nsEditor::HandleInlineSpellCheck  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/editor/libeditor/base/nsEditor.cpp, line 5285]
nsHTMLEditRules::AfterEditInner  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/editor/libeditor/html/nsHTMLEditRules.cpp, line 547]
nsHTMLEditRules::AfterEdit  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/editor/libeditor/html/nsHTMLEditRules.cpp, line 394]
nsHTMLEditor::EndOperation  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/editor/libeditor/html/nsHTMLEditor.cpp, line 4142]
nsHTMLEditor::RebuildDocumentFromSource  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/editor/libeditor/html/nsHTMLEditor.cpp, line 1802]
nsMsgCompose::CloseWindow  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgCompose.cpp, line 1254]
nsMsgComposeSendListener::OnStopCopy  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgCompose.cpp, line 3216]
nsMsgComposeAndSend::NotifyListenerOnStopCopy  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgSend.cpp, line 4085]
CopyListener::OnStopCopy  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgCopy.cpp, line 154]
nsMsgLocalMailFolder::OnCopyCompleted  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/local/src/nsLocalMailFolder.cpp, line 1656]
nsMsgLocalMailFolder::EndCopy  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/local/src/nsLocalMailFolder.cpp, line 2691]
nsMsgLocalMailFolder::CopyFileMessage  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/local/src/nsLocalMailFolder.cpp, line 2212]
nsMsgCopyService::DoNextCopy  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/base/src/nsMsgCopyService.cpp, line 322]
nsMsgCopyService::DoCopy  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/base/src/nsMsgCopyService.cpp, line 232]
nsMsgCopyService::CopyFileMessage  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/base/src/nsMsgCopyService.cpp, line 587]
nsMsgCopy::DoCopy  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgCopy.cpp, line 308]
nsMsgCopy::StartCopyOperation  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgCopy.cpp, line 258]
nsMsgComposeAndSend::StartMessageCopyOperation  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgSend.cpp, line 4873]
nsMsgComposeAndSend::DoFcc  [e:/builds/tinderbox/Tb-Trunk/WINNT_5.0_Depend/mozilla/mailnews/compose/src/nsMsgSend.cpp, line 3897]
Component: General → Spelling checker
Keywords: crash
Product: Thunderbird → Core
QA Contact: general → spelling-checker
Summary: Crash during sending mail dialog display → Crash during sending mail dialog display [@ FindNextNode]
Version: unspecified → 1.8 Branch

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 343532 ***
Closed: 18 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Crash Signature: [@ FindNextNode]
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