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Before Camino 1.1 (perhaps before Camino 1.1 Beta) we need to audit Read Me.rtf for a number of issues:

1) Typos and style guide issues
2) App behaviors that have changed
3) "Stability" - we want to make it version-neutral, etc., so that l10n doesn't have to update it (ever) unless real substantive content changes
> While using Camino, select “Import Bookmarks” from the “File” menu.

1) "While using Camino" sounds odd to me.  "Select “Import Bookmarks…” from Camino’s “File” menu." ?

2) "Select a file" also needs the elipsis.

> Not all options are exposed in the preferences window, so you might see advice 
> to “edit your prefs file.” To do that, drag prefs.js onto your favorite editor,
> make whatever changes are necessary, and save. Make sure the file is saved in 
> plain text format.

3) We shouldn't be telling them to edit prefs.js directly.  I think we remove this section of that paragraph entirely; I think it's adequately documented at

4) There's also an entire paragraph related to describing the location and auto-import of the Chimera prefs folder; can we ditch that now?

5) "trash" needs to be capitalized in the Uninstall section.  I might rename that section "Uninstalling Camino", too.

6) The last paragraph (talking about cb.o) needs to mention that we also have documentation and support/FAQ info on the website, too, since the Read Me is (rightfully) light on major support content.

7) I tend to think that we should add a bit of trademark legalese at the bottom (a la cb.o) and perhaps ® the Camino in "Camino Read Me".

Beyond that, I don't see anything inaccurate, nor can I think of anything new we really need to add.
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I wonder if we should add the first sentence of the second paragraph of to the bookmarks import section of the Readme?

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12 years ago
>To install Camino, simply drag the Camino icon onto your hard disk.

s/the Camino icon/Camino's application icon

I think this may clear up the confusion that causes the "Every time I launch Camino, I get a dimmidge" feedback e-mails.

> We recommend that you copy it to the Applications folder. You can 
>then Eject the disk image. If you like, you can drag Camino to your 
>Dock to have it easily accessible at all times.

We might be able to word this a little more clearly too, vis a vis the above.

>There are two files in your profile that you might need to know about.


or another appropriate substitution, to avoid beginning a sentence with a filename if at all possible. As we're now auto-backing-up the bookmarks.plist file, do we still need to recommend users do it manually?

>To get rid of all the files related to Camino, do the following:

I think we can remove the words "do the following" entirely, and put the colon after "Camino". Given the confusion some people have over the DMG vs. the app, it might be worthwhile to remind them

  5. Drag the Camino disk image to the Trash, if mounted.
  6. Drag the Camino.dmg file to the Trash.

>More information, and feedback

No comma here.

I pretty much agree with Smokey's comment 1 and comment 2, too.

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revised ReadMe.rtf

This does everything mentioned except adding those extra 2 items to the "Uninstalling" list (which just seemed odd; who uninstalls while the .dmg is still mounted?), and also includes some additional tweaks Chris and Ian and I discussed on irc.
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diff for reference

diffs of RTFs are ugly, but here's one anyway, for the morbidly curious (I was working in my branch tree).
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revised ReadMe.rtf

We need to land this in the next day.... :(
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revised ReadMe.rtf

r=me with two comments.

1) The line that reads "If you like, you can drag Camino from the Applications folder to your Dock to have it easily accessible at all times." seems weird to me given that we told them they can drag Camino itself anywhere and that we only *recommend* the Applications folder. I can't think of anything clearer, but it did come to mind.

2) In the more info section where we discuss what's available on the site, it might be worth mentioning that we explain how to get the source to Camino as well. It currently says "... learn how to build the application yourself." Something in that sentence somewhere letting the user know that the source is readily available (even if they don't understand what building/source/etc is) might be beneficial.

Those things are just suggestions though and shouldn't hold this if there's not agreement on them. So, again r=me.
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As I recall, cl and I did item 1 specifically to make sure they were dragging the copy from the HD instead of from the .dmg.  We could do a parenthetical "(or wherever you dragged the application)", but I think the current text is cleaner.

As for item 2, that sentence is long and complex enough as it is, and I don't think adding more stuff about the source being readily available adds much value.  Surely the people to whom that is important will be able to figure out the source is available from "links to ... learn how to build the application yourself."
Yeah, like I said, I'm okay with leaving it as it is, those were just things that came to mind. Your explanations sound good enough for me. On to mento!


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Do something (like superscript or kill, but I prefer kill) the big ® at the top.

"If your bookmarks contain valuable information": how about "If your bookmarks are valuable"?  "If your bookmarks are important"?  Bookmarks files contain valuable information, but for most users, it's the bookmarks themselves that are valuable, right?

"This site contains support resources and detailed documentation for many of Camino’s features. The website also includes": replace "The website" with "It".
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Readme for check-in

Here's the file for check-in.  

We went with super-16 on the ® at the top (because I think we were told, or at least felt we needed, to add it, and Sam's not here to correct my memory) and left the one at the bottom alone because it looked like crap with anything I tried.

We also went with "valuable" for bookmarks.
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12 years ago
Checked in on trunk and MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH.
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