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restartMessageNoUnlocker misleading on Mac


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If you attempt to launch a fox while a process is already running, you get this message:

%S is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing %S process, or restart your system.

This is restartMessageNoUnlocker.  It's misleading on the Mac, because we don't have any of the remote command line stuff that winfox and linfox have.  The "but is not responding" part of that message is entirely erronous, as are the instructions that follow.

We should come up with a better string to use on the Mac.
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nsIProfileUnlocker isn't implemented, so neither restartMessageUnlocker nor restartMessageUnlockerMac ever get any airtime.
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The wording indicates that the already-running copy of Firefox will quit in favor of the newly-opened, is this correct?

If that is the case, it's quite weird behavior, and doesn't match what Camino does.
restartMessageUnlocker[Mac] indicates that's what would happen, because that IS what would happen if nsIProfileUnlocker was implemented.  Since it's not, that message will not be displayed.  restartMessageNoUnlocker[Mac] is the message the user will see.
This only happens when you launch Firefox from the command line, right? I don't think we should really block on it, since it's a pretty rare use case, but I'll take a look at your patch and see if we can sneak it in without Axel hurting us.
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If you have multiple copies of Firefox (including DP, BE, and MF), this message will be displayed whenever you try to launch anything other than the one that's running.

(Sometimes, the system might try to launch a non-running copy when a URL is clicked in another app.  It SHOULD always pick the running copy, but LaunchServices is broken.)

If you only have one copy of Firefox, you won't see this message unless you try launching twice from the Terminal.
Mike, could you at least take a look at this so we can get this baking on the trunk?  The l10n decision is kind of moot until then anyway.
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As I understand it, the real issue here is that the user would be trying to have two applications access the same profile; I can successfully run two instances of FF, BE, MF or whatever if I point them to different profiles.

The message you're proposing here is, however, less confusing to users than the one that pops up now.

One small change:

restartMessageNoUnlockerMac=A version of %S is already open. Only one version of %S can be open at a time.

(calls out the fact that it could be a different version of the browser; uses Mac-terminology of "open" instead of "running")
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Checked in on the trunk with the proposed message above and s/version/copy/ per beltzner.
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I hope it's not too late for a simple string addition.
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a=drivers, please land on 181branch
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Checked in on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH before 1.8.1b2.
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
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