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Update Team Structure (cb.o/development/structure/)



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12 years ago
12 years ago


(Reporter: froodian (Ian Leue), Assigned: max)


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12 years ago
Sam now has an official title (Team Coordinator), so the team structure page on the website should be updated accordingly.

Additionally, now that we're looking at it, a lot of that page should be restructured.  For one thing, it'd be nice to put me (Ian Leue) under the bug triage and development categories.

More specific comments and changes to come from sam.
/me puts on his coordinator hat.

Alright, team: This is what... Anyway...

Max, do the following:

1. Restructure this so that it looks like most of the other pages (with proper headings and such). (That means rewriting a bit so the headings are different and such...)
2. Remove Geoff and David from the Programming team, since they aren't active within Camino anymore and probably won't be before 1.1. Add Ian there as well.
3. Remove Jasper (and everyone else but me) from the Content team. Add Smokey as a co-lead. Rename this category "Website & Documentation".
4. Add Ian to the bug triage team.
5. After Project Leaders, but before Programming, put in the following sentence: "The overall Team Coordinator for the following teams is Samuel Sidler."

I suppose a sentence explaining what the means would be nice... but then, I'd have to know what that means... ;)

Smokey, is there anything else you think we should add/change?
I was thinking about this not too long ago, but I didn't make any notes :-(  I do know there was something else I wanted to do besides what you've mentioned already...I'll try and remember.
So, as long as it's OK with him, we really should list Håkan Waara in the Programming Team list, too.

/me prays bugzilla doesn't mangle the a-ring :P
page updated to comments 0, 1, and 3. i can't update jp.cb.o successfully because there's language changes as well. we'll need to contact them.

i added hakan since he's out of town. if there are any complaints, he can just let us know and we'll remove him.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
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