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Tracking bug for the implementation of the "virtual wall" that's part of the World Firefox Day campaign.
No longer depends on: 345537
Are names going to be sterilized before being shown on the page?
Attitude Spec:

Hadrian's wall had nothing on this. Picture a field stretching to the horizon, and as for far as the eye can see, a bright orange wall, about 9 feet high, erupting from the peaceful countryside. This is the Firefox Friends Wall. It's huge. There are lots of names on it. Approach it to find your own and see just how many people love the web browser of the future.

Creative Brief:

We want to get across the sense of scale, and of all belonging to a larger community. The site should be fun and give the user the feeling of exploring and interacting with this artifact that represents the interactive community. I think we can accomplish these goals by using animation that accelerates/decelerates to "whizz" a user from one place on the wall to another. As an example, I really like the way that the Baby Name Voyager ( animates, zooming and scaling to fit the data as it's loaded.

Users should be able to and encouraged to explore the wall, find their names, find their friends' names, flip and zoom around.

Firefox Friends Wall Online, Functional Requirements:

P1: must be implemented in technologies that don't require plugins (JS/CSS/XHTML)
P1: must be able to search for a name and see the entry
P1: must be able to browse the wall by name, date added, verb-term, language
P1: must be localized, but display results from all locales

P2: should use animation of "wall" and all interactions with "wall" to delight user and give sense of scale
P2: should be able to read from cookie generated by WFD site and immediately offer to jump to a user's name
P2: user-chains should be visible/explorable; if A referred B and B referred C, then either clicking B should show the B referred C entry and vice versa.
P2: should be able to generate "snapshot" of user's portion of the wall for download

P3: stats on the wall (this many names, locale breakouts, verb-term breakouts, longest chains)
P3: different ordering options (by date added, by alpha, by geo, random; I'm picturing an animation looking like all the names on the wall instantly re-order themselves to fit the browsing criteria)
This was outsourced to

We have a staged copy at currently. It should go live today.
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Live at
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