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Firefox needs a performance testing framework for Windows


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Windows XP
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I've been working on one for an extension, so I thought I might as well post it so other people can use it too.
I'm not sure exactly where this should go. I put it under testing/performance/win32 hoping that we can factor out the platform-independent parts into testing/performance/ and put other modules that implement the same functions in testing/performance/linux/ and testing/performance/osx

There are a few known issues with this patch:
1. It's a little flaky. It always runs great on the machine I developed it on, but sometimes Firefox doesn't pick up the new profile I create or I don't get all of the dump() output on other machines. Hopefully having it checked in will allow more people to run it on their machines and help fix it up.

2. I checked in some mozilla websites (old copies of and as sample data for the page load test. Hopefully we'll be able to get better data soon.
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The graph isn't very good because there aren't enough test pages for the page load test yet.
Somebody asked me how this is different from Tinderbox. There are two major differences. First, it doesn't build, it just runs the performance test given a path to the executable. This is helpful if you're testing the performance of an extension or a build from another server. (You could build on a fast server, and then run performance tests on a machine with low memory). Second, it measures performance characteristics while it's running the pageload tests--you can track cpu speed, memory, or any of the other counters listed here:
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I'm marking this "fixed" since the first pass is checked in. We'll file other bugs for refactoring, feature additions, and bug fixing as they happen.
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