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Wrong filename and URL direction almost everywhere!


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Here are a list of direction problems for file names and URLs.
I don't say (yet) the red one is incorrect.

In fact, the problem is it is possible (and of course better) to show file names in RTL direction.  But it makes inconsistency with URLs, which is not possible to show in RTL yet.
Blocks: 219070
Behnam, the screenshot in attachment 232303 [details] looks perfectly fine to me.  Can you please elaborate what the problem you're mentioning is?
I think Behnam's point is that in the address bar the same name would appear as LTR (..../مثال٣.txt)
So should we always display file names in the download manager as LTR?
Ehsan, although attachment 232303 [details] also looks fine to me know, but I think it's better to keep the filenames consistent, and becuase URL's are force to be in LTR direction, I think it's better to keep the filenames in LTR direction as well.

Probably the best solution would be to detect how user sees the filenames in it's desktop applications, which I'm not sure Mozilla has anyway to detect it now.  Simon?
I think most environments which are LTR themselves use LTR display for all file names.  Only if the file name and its extension are both RTL will the whole thing be displayed RTL (because period is a weak character).

I'm thinking that even though the screenshot may be readable and logical in its own right, we may want to keep the file names as LTR for the sake of consistency.

Waiting for feedback before preparing a patch.
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