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CalDAV provider fails to parse folded lines in Cosmo REPORT responses


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The calendar-data payload in Cosmo REPORT responses has lines that end in the string |
\n| instead of simply |\n|. CalDAV provider serializes this to |\n\n|, which is not a problem except in the case of folded lines: when libical parses the data it looks ahead one-and-only-one newline when checking for line folding.  So it "gets" the portion of a folded line before the first \n\n and errors on any continuations.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create event on Cosmo CalDAV server with DESCRIPTION longer than say 80 characters.
2. Exit/restart Sunbird.
3. Examine event. Note missing data. If logging, not X-LIC-ERROR messages.

Actual Results:  
Sunbird effectively retrieves only the portion of folded lines before the first newline.

Expected Results:  
Complete event data should round-trip to the CalDAV server.

Given CalDAV para 9.5, it's hard to argue that Cosmo is out of spec here.
This could also be fixed in the serializer or in libical, I suppose. But it's specifically a CalDAV problem, so the CalDAV provider seems a good place to address it.
botched the comment in the patch and forgot to request review. Sheesh.
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replace \n\n in REPORT responses with \r\n

Is this a more generic problem?  I'm thinking of bug 324198.
I'm not sure I see a connection, other than in a general 'line-ends-are-a-pain' kind of way.

The current bug has to do with xmlserializer.serializeToString taking some peculiar, CalDAV-specific input and emitting non-rfc2445-compliant output, which is in turn used as input to the libical parser. If I'm understanding bug 324198 correctly, it's about libical doing something questionable with rfc2445-compliant input. In the case of the Cosmo-generated data mentioned here, I think libical is doing what it ought to. But maybe I'm missing something.
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replace \n\n in REPORT responses with \r\n

Ok, looks good to me, r=jminta.
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replace \n\n in REPORT responses with \r\n

Nice catch; r=dmose.
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Patch checked in on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and trunk.

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