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This is a request for approval of changing the search engine from Yahoo to Sapo. Yahoo doesn't have a European Portuguese interface. Even in terms of portals, they only provide a Brazilian one. Sapo is the most used portal in Portugal and serves as the entry page of some ISPs.

As requested by Axel, I asked them if they would be able to take the traffic that be a search engine and they've replied that it won't be a problem. At the moment they say that firefox users represent 4% of their hits.

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Comment 1

12 years ago
Created attachment 235912 [details]
Search Plugin for Sapo

Search plugin provided by Sapo for FF2.
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Comment 2

12 years ago

Joao, we may want to have some contact information for sapo, and a link to the terms of service.
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Comment 3

12 years ago
First of all thank you for this opportunity. We are excited to participate in
this wonderful project.

I will be the contact inside SAPO regarding any Firefox integration with our services.

My name is João Pedro Gonçalves
(Joao Pedro Goncalves) and my email is .

Our terms of service page is at

Comment 4

12 years ago

Sapo, nice to meet you, Joao, directly. Please tell me what role you have at Sapo, thanks. I work in Business Development at Mozilla Corp.

In terms of replacing Yahoo that would not be good but we can ADD Sapo to the search plug in list. please advise what search engine's are there now, I don't have current data e.g., google, yahoo, wikipedia?

Comment 5

12 years ago
Hi Mic,
nice to meet you!

I'm Head of Research & Development for ISP and Portal services, which includes
our search engine in which i am personally involved as the Tech Lead.

SAPO has a 10 year directory service history for portuguese sites (.PT only, we are not in the brazilian market). We are second only to Google in Portugal.

As for which search engines, are you referring to the portuguese Market, Firefox plugins, or SAPO search options?

Thank you for your reply.

PS: I Love Livesearch! I've just deployed today Livesearch on our search exclusively for Firefox 2 using as data source the top searches made by our users. The results are incredibly relevant for the portuguese reality. Once again, thank you for this opportunity. All of us at SAPO are huge Firefox fans!

Comment 6

12 years ago
SABO/João - thanks for your support.
my understanding is the current list of search plug ins for FF for Portugal (or European Portuguese is:
Google, Yahoo, Creative Commons, Amazon, Answers, EBay.
Please confirm, we will be adding SABO to this list.

Comment 7

12 years ago
Yes, right now we're using the default list for search plugins. Sapo is our first local addition.

Comment 8

12 years ago
congrats! all the more for improved local user experience

Comment 9

12 years ago
Does this mean I can add sapo to the CVS (l10n)?

Comment 10

12 years ago
Comment on attachment 235912 [details]
Search Plugin for Sapo

Wow, even with suggest. I just tried that, it seems that the server has stability problems, my first load gave prompt results, but after that, I timed out., can you confirm that this service will reliably have response times beneath 500ms for users in Portugal? That's the timeout we use for suggest, and it could be a disservice for both of use if that feature was flaky.

Comment 11

12 years ago
Heh. We just had a network glitch here. 

Could you try again now, please?

Our search times are a lot lower than 500ms, especially on the livesearch which uses
a separate dataset for performance. 

Thank you,
João Pedro Gonçalves

Comment 12

12 years ago
Joao, is there a chance to make suggest only return non-offensive results? This is not meant to impact the results of search proper, just those that we suggest to users. I just tried

and it returns what I read as sex with animals. I'm not sure we want to suggest that to users of minor age, or any other user. Among other practices that I'd prefer us not to suggest.
For reference, both Google and Yahoo do that.

To reiterate, I'm not talking about censorship on search results in general, if some wants to search for something, that's not my business. I'm only talking about the dataset you're using for suggest.

Comment 13

12 years ago

Yes, we exclude several offensive content from the list,
most of the portuguese offensive words are already off but we still
need to clean up some other combinations, like the one you mentioned.

I will try to get this fixed today or early tomorrow, but rest assured that 95% of portuguese offensive
content is already excluded.

Thank you.

Comment 14

12 years ago
we've just updated the dataset, i'll
still clean it up a bit more tomorrow but i guess the results are now much more acceptable.

I have also noticed that sometimes Yahoo fails to give correct profanity filters with queries
from non-english languages, but i guess that it really is hard to fit all.

Also, we think that the network issues are now solved so you should find no relevant latency.

$ time GET ""
["sap",["sapo","sapo xl","casa sapo","sapo adsl","clientes sapo","fotos sapo","sapoxl","sapatos","geo sapo","auto sapo","sap","www sapo","toureio no sapo","sapatarias","sapo pt","sapo messenger"],[],[]]

real    0m0.164s

Thanks for the tip.

João Pedro Gonçalves

Comment 15

12 years ago
Comment on attachment 235912 [details]
Search Plugin for Sapo

Sounds good enough for me.
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12 years ago
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Comment 16

12 years ago
Joao, please land this ASAP, we're closing down the gates.

You'll need a change to list.txt, too, to get the plugin actually built.

Comment 17

12 years ago
Commited to the CVS (not as a replacement for Yahoo, but as an addition to the list, as discussed above).
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
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