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I am working on a shopping cart using javascript and frames. 
There are some pages that I have to created dynamically.
All pages work fine until I hit refresh / reload button.  
at this point I cannot write to other frame, and I get an error permission denied.  For some reason after I refresh my page - document.domain becomes null.
Before refresh it is localhost.

Reproducible: Always

Expected Results:  
document.domain should still be localhost
This works in IE - so I don't believe it is my code.
It also works before I refresh the page.

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12 years ago
Are you using document.write, or other frames with data: URLs, or something strange like that?  A simple testcase demonstrating the bug would be nice.

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12 years ago
(In reply to comment #1)
> Are you using document.write, or other frames with data: URLs, or something
> strange like that?  A simple testcase demonstrating the bug would be nice.

I will try my best to explain what is I am doing - if you have more questions let me know.

I have 4 frames.  Top Frame (this is where the logo goes)
2 right hand side frames; top-side and bottom-side, and main or middle frame where the main content of the website exists.  (Similar to peapod's website)
Anyhow, I do a lot of writting between middle (main) frame and top-side frame.
To "push" information (I am not re-writting the top-side frame) to top-side frame (frame name is target_frame) I am using javascript - parent.target_frame.document.displayform.hd_items.value += item
Upto this point everything works fine.  My top-side frame has a button "create order" which calls a javascript function to create an HTML page that displays information about the product that the user chose to buy.

I will include a snipit of the favascript function
Function review_order()

	parent.main_frame.document.writeln("<html><head><title>Your Order Form</title>");
	parent.main_frame.document.writeln("<META http-equiv=Content-Type content=\"text/javascript; charset=UTF-8\">");
	parent.main_frame.document.writeln("<META http-equiv=Content-Type content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\">");

	parent.main_frame.document.writeln("<LINK href=\"cssfiles/cart.css\" type=\"text/css\" rel=\"stylesheet\">");

	parent.main_frame.document.writeln("<script src=\"functions.js\"></script>");
	parent.main_frame.document.writeln("<script type=\"text/javascript\">");


Once my dynamic page is created everything works - and I am still able to write between the frames.

But as soon as the user hits the refresh button, the middle (main) frame, stops working, and I am no loger able to write to the top-side frame.

I have found out the document.domain becomes null after the refresh.
All of the frames are on the same domain.  I am running everything from my local machine, inetpub.  The domain should be localhost between all of the frames.

I do not believe I am doing anything strange, but this happens only to the dynamically created pages.

Once again - thank you for your response, and please let me know if you have any other questions to help you resolve this.

Thank you.

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