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removed account stays in "Recent" folder view (until I switched views)


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(Whiteboard: [steps #2])

removed account stays in "Recent" folder view (until I switched views)

I'm using tbird version 2 alpha 1 (20060908) on mac os x

steps to reproduce:

1)  start in "all folders" view 
2)  and an imap account
3)  select the inbox of the new imap account
4)  switch to the "recent" folders view
5)  using Tools | Account Settings, delete the imap account

expected results:  the inbox for the deleted account should disappear

actual results:  the inbox stays until I cycle through.

note, I haven't tried the other folder views.  (My guess is that "all" will do the right thing, but perhaps favorite and unread will not?)
I actually did:

4a) switch to the "recent" folders view
4b) select another folder
5)  using Tools | Account Settings, delete the imap account
Blocks: mailviews
No longer blocks: mailviews
Depends on: 414038
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Component: Mail Window Front End → Account Manager
QA Contact: front-end → account-manager
Deleted folders or subfolders also stay in the Recent Folders and Favorite Folders views until the view is switched and switched back. Seems to require a folder list refresh after using the delete folder context menu (right-click) or using the File > Delete Folder menu item.

For consistency a Folder should also be removed from the Favorite Folder view when the a Favorite Folder is "unfavorited" either from the context menu or Edit > unselect Favorite Folder menu.

Tested on Thunderbird 3.0b4 on Mac OS X 10.5.8, but I suspect also present on other platforms.

Steps to reproduce:

 1) Start in All Folders view
 2) Right-click on an existing account and choose New Folder...
 3) Enter a name for the folder (e.g., test-folder)
 4) Copy any message into test-folder using right-click on message > Copy To > Recent > test-folder
 5) Change view to Recent Folders
 6) Select test-folder
 7) Delete test-folder using right-click on folder name and select Delete
 8) Confirm folder deletion dialog (no change to Recent Folders view)
 9) Navigate to different view (e.g., View > Folders > All)
10) Navigate back to Recent Folders view (test-folder is no longer listed)
Whiteboard: [steps #2]
Version: 2.0 → Trunk
I can't see this with Favorite Folders. Deleted folder vanishes correctly.
I can see some errors with Recent Folders, due to which the folder is not removed from view:

01:51:17.790 TypeError: null has no properties 1 folderPane.js:2185:7
	ftl_remove chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:2185:7
	ftc_delete chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:2612:5
	oncommand chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul:1:1

01:51:18.962 [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80550007 [nsIMsgFolder.getStringProperty]"  nsresult: "0x80550007 (<unknown>)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js :: getSmartFolderName :: line 2860"  data: no] 1 (unknown)
	getSmartFolderName chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:2860:12
	ftvItem.prototype.getProperties chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:2380:27
	ftv_getRowProperties chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:969:12

But the folder is deleted and toggling the folder mode shows it is gone.

The original issue with removing a whole account is still valid. The folder name vanishes from the Recent view, but the row with folder icon still shows and causes errors:
01:56:27.262 TypeError: null has no properties 1 folderPane.js:2185:7
	ftl_remove chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:2185:7
	removeAccount chrome://messenger/content/removeAccount.js:89:7
	onAccept chrome://messenger/content/removeAccount.js:136:3
	anonymous chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml%20line%20380%20%3E%20Function:1:8
	_fireButtonEvent chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml:381:28
	_doButtonCommand chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml:349:28
	_handleButtonCommand chrome://global/content/bindings/dialog.xml:337:18
	onRemoveAccount chrome://messenger/content/AccountManager.js:759:3
	oncommand chrome://messenger/content/AccountManager.xul:1:1
	MsgAccountManager chrome://messenger/content/accountUtils.js:255:9
	oncommand chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul:1:1

01:56:31.580 NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIMsgFolder.server] 1 folderUtils.jsm:61
	getFolderProperties resource:///modules/folderUtils.jsm:61:3
	ftvItem.prototype.getProperties chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:2373:22
	ftv_getRowProperties chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:969:12
Assignee: nobody → acelists
Severity: normal → minor
OS: Mac OS X → All
Severity: minor → S4
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