Selecting a non-workday in minimonth causes wrong day to become "selected" in view



12 years ago
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12 years ago
If in week view, you set "View > Workweek days only", and then in the minimonth, select a day (other than Saturday) that is _not_ a work day, a day in the view will change colour and become "selected"...the WRONG day.

1. In Preferences > Views, set workweek days to be M, Tu, Th, Fr
2. Go to week view
3. Enable "View > Workweek days only". (Sun, Wed and Sat should disapper from the view)
4. In the minimonth, select the Sunday of that week.

Expected results:
No visible column in the view would change colour, indicating it is the "selected" day

Actual results:
Monday will become orange, indicating it is (erroneously) the selected day.

Further test:
Selecting Wednesday in the minimonth will cause FRIDAY in the view to become orange.

It looks as if the selection isn't taking into consideration that the non-work days are hidden, and so clicking the first day of the week in the minimonth marks the first column in the view selected.

This may dupe, or at least also fix, bug 348479.

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12 years ago
The problem is even more general: every day you select in datepicker is highlighting a wrong day in week view.

1. in new profile select "Workweek days only"
2. Change to week view
3. in the datepicker click on
Sunday --> Monday highlighted
Monday --> Tuesday highlighted
Tuesday --> Wednesday
clicking on Friday and Saturday results in no highlighting.
Duplicate of this bug: 370176
Fails in Sunbird/0.4a1 (2006-12-20-03)
Works in Sunbird/0.4a1 (2006-12-21-04)

-> This was most probably fixed by checkin for Bug 360479, resolving WFM.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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