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12 years ago and work by setting someWindow.locatoin to "javascript:" URLs.  But there doesn't seem to be a way to set the JavaScript version for a "javascript:" URL, so I can't use the yield or let keywords with those tools :(  One possible fix is to make javascript: URLs inherit the JavaScript version of the script that set them.

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You should change platform to all.
Some people are just slackers and don't bother to change platform/OS to All/All from what Bugzilla infers by default in the obviously-applies-to-everything case.  :-P

For the record, generally an inaccurate platform/OS isn't such a big deal that it needs to be fixed on its own and not as part of an unrelated change; queries are little bit off, but people working on the bug can usually figure out when a bug really is platform- or OS-dependent and make changes accordingly.
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A workaround for your use case (I'm guessing you are trying to keep errors saying "line 1") could be to have a loop that creates tags like these and increments the version by .1 each time: <script type="application/javascript;version="{version} src="data:,some data uri that defines the shell eval function on line 1">

I have implemented this to allow up to the nth version of JavaScript in my modified version of your shell at .
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Depends on: 867609
let and yield are already available with the default (standard) JavaScript version. We should not add a new way to promote non-standard JavaScript versions anymore.
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