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Add a pref to always resort when new messages received


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So this is basically a suggestion to fix bug 262319 which is seeing a lot of interest, but requests the default behaviour be flipped.

I'm requesting a pref, not necessarily user facing that will allow users to turn on always sort on receive rather than on entering the folder/resorting twice.  Even adding a config pref would be great (or does one already exist?) and the issue of whether or not to add it to the UI/switch the default behaviour could be revisted after getting some feedback on how many people are flipping the pref.
So how is this really different from bug 262319? I'd expect it to be a pref anyway if it ever gets implemented. 
because this isn't a reporting of the problem this is a request for a *specific* fix, which is different from the fix most people seem to be asking for in the other bug, which is to change the default behaviour.  I'm *not* asking to change the default behaviour.  bug 262319 might depend on this if this were approved, or it might be wontfixed if the default behaviour isn't going to be changed.
oh this also isn't specific to sorting threads by date.
When you fix this, please also look at bug 254159 – With Order Received sorting, order threads by date of last/latest message in thread

The code should be the same, just sort on a different field.
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Depends on: 262319
Bug 262319 has now landed. No pref, but resorting is default behavior.
Closed: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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