globe icon for extension manager should be same as Preferences > Content




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I'm not sure that it's even used in the EM (maybe for locale extensions?), but the globe icon shouldn't be the one with recognizable landmasses. Instead, once bug 353141 is wrapped up, it should use the same icon as the globe used in Preferences > Content.

This wouldn't block Firefox 2, but if this icon *is* used and a new icon is needed, could be part of the first dot-release. If the icon isn't used, we should still get it replaced for Firefox 3 so that nobody else gets the wrong idea :)
It is displayed when there are locales installed.
Summary: globe icon for extension manager shouldn't be same as Preferences > Content → globe icon for extension manager should be same as Preferences > Content
K, we'll try to get this for a dot-relase, then.
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We discussed new icons for the add-ons mgr months before the visual refresh started and I asked for new images for the languages and plugin views along with images for the restart button. I was under the impression there would be new images instead of using the existing images and applying a glass effect to them. As is the plugin image being used is the one I drew with a color change and the glass effect... personally, I don't think it looks very professional.
Just to be clear... my comment about the plugins icon not looking professional is in regards to the image I created. In fact it looks much better now than the image I created but I think an entirely new image for plugins would be better.

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11 years ago
There's a plan for a revised Add-ons manager without the globe icon. But plans can change, so I'm going to fix the icon regardless.

Before this can happen, bug 391670 needs to be fixed, as it touches the same image file.
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pretty sure these attachments will be obsolete for all platforms with the upcoming icon work, but we should make sure that if we're using the globe its the same globe in all places
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To maintain visual consistency we are having the Iconfactory refresh all Firefox 3 icons.  In the case of the content icon we are no longer going to use a globe. (As a metaphor, an image of the entire earth is not really that meaningful).  For content in preferences we are going to have a small pile of content (text, image, etc.)  For locals in the addons manager, we are going to use  UN flag.
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11 years ago
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This icon should eventually be a UN Flag on every platform.
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