Profile Manager is displayed when using command line args that don't require a profile




12 years ago
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Filing under XRE Startup since there is no profile manager component. When starting the app with -setDefaultBrowser, -install-global-extension, etc. the profile manager is displayed when it is set to display on startup.

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12 years ago
You would of course have to tell XRE startup that a profile is not necessary. I'm tempted to say this should be WONTFIX... is there a reason we shuold fix this?
I think we can work around this by moving the set default browser code to a separate exe which I am planning on doing for Vista integration (e.g. requirement for elevated privs which is easily done with a separate exe). For the install global extension part I'm tempted to just work out a better method if one is actually needed beyond the copy into the global extensions directory method and just remove the -install-global-extension and -install-global-theme arguments.


10 years ago
Component: XRE Startup → Startup and Profile System
QA Contact: xre.startup → startup

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9 years ago
I'm using WPKG to perform an unattended installation of Firefox.  After the App, I'm trying to install some extensions with -install-global-extension.  The whole setup is run on Windows from the SYSTEM account prior to a user logging in.

Problem #1: Without an override.ini, Firefox attempts to show the profile migrator, which fails as no user is logged in and the window cannot be shown => It just hangs

Problem #2: With an override.ini, if a profile existed for the SYSTEM account, the extension will be installed.  Otherwise a new profile will be created and for a reason I have yet to figure out the extension will not be installed.  This does not happen when running the same command from a logged on admin user's session though.

Regardless of the separate problem with the installation failing, there seems to be no reason for FF to create a profile for just installing a global extension.  Maybe the code in nsAppRunner.cpp could just be moved around so the installation happens before (i.e. without) profile migration/creation?

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9 years ago
Don't use -install-global-extension, it has been removed. Use the Windows registry instead, see
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #5)
> Don't use -install-global-extension, it has been removed. Use the Windows
> registry instead, see

What are linux users suppose to do?
(In reply to comment #6)
> What are linux users suppose to do?
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