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From Chris Waterson's email:

As we'd discussed in our meeting today, here's a first cut at some of
the HOWTO documents that might be nice to have. Some (e.g., build
instructions) already exist, but might get better visibility if included
directly into the "HOWTO hierarchy".


. fix memory leaks using Purify, bloaty, and the refcount balancer
. build on win32/mac/unix
. write an RDF datasource
. use XBL to create a new widget
. write a XUL application
. write an XPCOM component using C++ or JS
. write a new protocol handler (e.g., finger)
. write a new content viewer (e.g., FTP directory viewer)
. write a new stream converter
. embed gecko into an application
. skin a component (including, designing UI for skinnability)
. write an XPInstall script
. port the XPTCall glue code to a new architecture
. write a dynamic component overlay (a la AIM and security of old)
. profile mozilla
. make a sidebar panel
. write a "new"-style plugin
. write a signed script (someday!)
. file a bug
. get in touch with the right developers
. localize a component, use stringbundles
. write a new image file format handler
. extend layout (a la SVG and MathML)
. embed a new scripting language

I vote for starting a page at

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19 years ago
initial revision checked in to html/HOWTO/index.html. All the links are dead.
Assignee: waterson → endico

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19 years ago
*spam* changing qa contact from to me ( 
on 121 open or resolved (but not verified) bugs.  sorry for the spam everybody, 
but most of these bugs would just remain dormant and not checked by QA 
otherwise.  I'm not sure how so many bugs have nobody as their QA contact, but 
I suspect this is the fault of some sort of bugzilla corruption that happened 
at some point (most of these bugs are in the 20000-26000 range, and I don't see 
where in the activity log that QA contact explicitly changed to

Anyways, sorry again for spam.  If you really get annoyed, I'm usually 
available in #mozilla on IRC for torture.
QA Contact: nobody → BlakeR1234

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18 years ago
QA assigning Mozilla Developer bugs back to (not critical to 
be checked by outside QA contact)
QA Contact: blakeross → nobody


18 years ago
QA Contact: nobody → david


17 years ago
Blocks: 57237

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17 years ago
accepting QA for mozilla developer docs.

some of these bugs have been around for a _long_ time. Reporters, would you
please review the bugs, see if the issues have been resolved, and close bugs

I will do a full review of all bugs not touched in one week (8th April). 


QA Contact: mozilla → imajes

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16 years ago
This is a Mini-Howto that I have been working on which describes some simple
administrative tasks such as how to patch and optimize a source distribution of
Mozilla for use in a Linux/X desktop environment.   I can provide sgml or xml
docbook source if that is desirable.


Salvador Peralta

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16 years ago
URL for HOWTO mentioned above is is

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14 years ago
Ah, this is the place were /HOWTO/ is created. It is totally out of date. I
suggest we remove it from the server and put a 410 for that file.

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14 years ago
Removing things from the server and replacing them with a 410 error sounds like
a fundamentally bad idea. Wouldn't it make more sense to /update/ the doc and make
it more useful rather than turning it into a broken link?

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14 years ago
I agree with fantasai.  My own document is horribly out of date, but there is
enough useful information in the HOWTO section on the web site to
justify keeping it around rather than scrapping it.

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14 years ago
Perhaps. I think I agree. However, currently there is no way of finding such
directories other than having a CVS account and doing a checkout (that's the way
I found this and various interesting articles). (That is probably part of the
larger problem at

I wonder though, how much useful 'howto' files do we have? How useful is it to
categorize documents in 'howto'?

If we continue with this and someone takes this documents and updates it (I'm
willing to make it match the style/markup guide) I suggest we lowercase the
directory or move it to somewhere else, like /tutorial/.

Comment 11

14 years ago
I agree with lower-casing it.

The real usefulness of this document isn't so much that it categorizes documents
as that it provides an entry point for people trying to figure out how to do
something. It collects links to them all in one place, and it phrases them to
make it easy to figure out where to go.

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12 years ago
I'm not sure listing all howto documents is useful, but at least we need to do something to that page.
Assignee: endico → nobody
Component: Mozilla Developer → Documentation Requests
Priority: P3 → --
Product: Documentation → Mozilla Developer Center
QA Contact: imajes → doc-request
Component: Documentation Requests → Documentation
Product: Mozilla Developer Network → Mozilla Developer Network
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Reopening for review by Sheppy.
Assignee: nobody → eshepherd
Resolution: FIXED → ---

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6 years ago
The page in question is gone, the content was probably woefully out of date, and most if not all of it is covered elsewhere by now anyway. I agree this is obsolete.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago6 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Component: Documentation → General
Product: Mozilla Developer Network → Developer Documentation
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