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VersionCheck.php does not compare versions correctly


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VersionCheck does not use our inc_version_comparison.php functions to compare versions, and as a result does not always show the latest available version to an add-on.

We have run into this problem frequently lately with minversions like 2.0b1, 2.0b2, Deer Park and a maxversion of 2.0.0.*. VersionCheck will return the latest "compatible" version, or if there is none, will be empty.

I can't provide a good example URL because I've been setting minversions to 2.0 as people complain so that they'll be fixed.
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This should fix the problems caused by version comparison in SQL.  The assumption here is that pulling the latest overall version is desirable -- and I think it is in almost every case.

The edge case is when someone has an outdated version and they can only go up to a mid-way version for an extension.  So, if someone had Fx 1.5 and they had updates for Flashgot, but the newest Flashgot required Fx 2.0 we'd have a problem.  They couldn't update to, for example, 2 versions lower than the most recent.  They could only update to the latest.

The alternative to fix this edge case would be to pull N versions from the database in order to loop through them and run NS_CompareVersions() on each instance.  I don't think that scales, and I'm not interested in doing that because it's not worth the effort or the perf cost.
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Diff to remove dependence on SQL sorting of appVersion.

I think we should try to come up with a way to deal with exception you mentioned, but it's more important to get this bug's problem fixed ASAP.

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Guys -- you see any reason why we can't push this today?
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The case above works for both the case when I set 2.0b1-2.0.0.* and 2.0b1-3.0a1
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