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it's just on part of the internationalization project to translate the project. at the same time it'd be useful to define the language of the view.
and/or the used date format. eg i'd like to use 24 hour format and yyyy-mm-dd view and mm-dd in the english interface. currently there is no way to do so (the only thing what can i choose to be monday the first day of the week). this has nothing to do with the translation.

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Lightning automatically picks up the date and time format from your 	Operating System to display dates and times. This currently doesn't include the date shown in week view header (Bug 345643) and the timepicker control but all other strings should be fine.

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13 years ago
but in this case i can't use the english GUI (in all other progrmas) but at the same time use the hungarian/europien date formats:-(((
IMO this bug is WONTFIX. Date formats should just work by picking up the respective settings from the OS and they mostly do already.

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12 years ago
This is not really a bug so I changed severity to ENH but the question is if we can resolve it like Simon suggested?
Severity: normal → enhancement
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In my opinion, the date format should come from OS. But if my OS and Sunbird have different languages, I would prefer to have Sunbird/Lightning its own language and settings for date/time format without influence from the OS.

Simon, Stefan, what do you think?
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It would make sense, that the user can override the default settings from the OS in the preferences. Confirming. Patches are welcome!
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11 years ago
A long date format independent of the OS would be good for my Sorbian localization as well. Until now there is no Sorbian Windows and I would have a Sorbian date format anyway. The Sorbian format is similar to the Czech one: dd.mmmm(month in genitive).yyyy, for instance 26. nowembra 2007. At the moment there is the German OS format: 26. November 2007
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