Need a low-disk-space rsync module for just the current bandwidth-hogging files


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12 years ago
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Even our releases-only module is a bit on the hefty side (84 GB rather than 776 GB like the fully module)...  there's a number of potential mirrors that have expressed a desire to help, and have large amounts of bandwidth they can throw at it, but only have around 20 GB of disk space available for it.

We should create an rsync module that contains only whatever files we're currently in a bandwidth crunch for (i.e. *the* current release), and then we can point at those folks from bouncer.
"mozilla-current" module has been created on with just Firefox 2.0rc3 in it, currently clocking in at 2.5GB.  Still waiting on OSL and TDS to get it mirrored to  I asked on IRC but nobody's replied yet.  I'll shoot them email shortly if I don't hear soon.
Ticket 1803 has been opened with OSL support, after failing to raise anyone on IRC (probably should have gone there anyway, but occasionally you get a faster response on IRC if they're actually around).  I CCed TDS on the ticket.
Whiteboard: waiting for OSL and TDS
OSL is all set.  Got a response from TDS indicating it would be added there tonight.
Whiteboard: waiting for OSL and TDS → waiting for TDS
TDS was set up on the 18th.

OSL had sync problems that got resolved yesterday.

This is all set to go now.
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Whiteboard: waiting for TDS
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