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Tracking bug for in-product web pages



12 years ago
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12 years ago
Setting this bug up to track errors for correction in the new in-product web pages.
Not an error, but just a suggestion: any chance that people using the Mac version of Firefox could see Mac screenshots instead of Windows ones?  The Windows screenshots will look jarring when presented as if they were part of the app.
(In reply to comment #1)
> Not an error, but just a suggestion: any chance that people using the Mac
> version of Firefox could see Mac screenshots instead of Windows ones?  The
> Windows screenshots will look jarring when presented as if they were part of
> the app.

I'm guessing the code that varied the screenshots based on OS got removed somehow in the conversion from CVS to Subversion. I'll look into fixing that.

Comment 3

12 years ago

Refers to "directions at the top of this page" that I don't see.


Links to, which puts "Visual Refresh" above new features, which seems strange.


The first link does not use https and I think it should.  Both links use mixed-case in hostnames, which are supposed to be lower-case.


I think this page would be better if it talked about tabs or feeds or something instead of the Help feature.
The "community" link on the new About page contains an extra "w".
On the phishing protection page, I recommend the following edits:

warns you of suspected Web forgeries, and offers to take you -> warns you of suspected Web forgeries and offers to take you

"browse to against" (both occurrences) -> "browse against" or "visit against"

to report a suspected phishing site, or to submit -> to report a suspected phishing site or submit

Also, the doc identifies settings/preferences inconsistently, using "settings" in "Firefox's Security settings" but "preferences" in "Security preferences pane".  It should use one or the other (except when identifying them platform-specifically, which the doc already does correctly).
The "It's a trap" page has

   You can <blah> by:
     - not following...
     - use <foo>...
     - using <bar>...

The second bullet point ought to be "using" also (or you need a complete reworking).
The "Getting started" page has one links to both   (add-ons)     (addons)

oddly the second, no-dash, form is the broken one. The working one redirects to  We should probably set up an alias so both work, add-ons with a dash seems odd.
The community "Getting involved with Mozilla" says "We're a global community" and has mostly mozilla.ORG links -- nice.

The two .com links, unfortunately the first two on the page, are broken. and seem to work, maybe you just changed localization styles in the middle and didn't fix up these links.
The "Help and Tutorials" page has the same broken link rather than

It has a "Getting Started" link going to which is fairly empty compared to the you linked to in this set. I guess the stage content ends up at that URL?
Some more notes, broken down by page:

About Mozilla

The "software products", "Mountain View, California", "Tokyo", and "Paris" links take you to pages which don't exist.

You've Updated To The Latest Version of Firefox

In the title, "to" and "the" are capitalized, but "of" is not (and neither is "to" in the title "Welcome to Firefox!").  Probably none of those words should be capitalized.

The description of Firefox Add-ons seems unwieldy.  One simple option for ameliorating this is to remove the phrase "to extend the functionality of Firefox", which is redundant with the following phrase "to add new features".

Welcome to Firefox!

The page says to "follow the directions at the top of this page", but there are no such directions.

Getting Started with Firefox

The page says, 'To access Firefox Help, click on the "Help" menu and select "Firefox Help"', but those directions are Mac-specific (the "Help Yourself!" box to the right of that text contains the proper platform-specific instructions).

The word "tutorials" is repetitive in the sentence "Tutorials and other support options are also available with numerous online guides and tutorials."  Probably just starting the sentence "Other support options are also available..." would work.

you're gotten -> you've gotten

The word "then" is probably not necessary in the sentence "Once you're gotten comfortable with all the major features, you can then extend Firefox with add-ons..."

In the "Make It Yours!" box, the first step is missing a period.

It's a trap!

use the Firefox Password Manager -> using the Firefox Password Manager

The phrase "using an e-mail product like Mozilla Thunderbird, which detects and alerts you when it finds links to web forgeries in your e-mail" makes it sound like Thunderbird detects you rather than the forgeries.  We could say instead "using an e-mail product like Mozilla Thunderbird, which detects web forgeries and alerts you when it finds links to them in your e-mail".

The text title of this page is "It's a Trap!", but the title graphic says "It's a trap!" (lower-case "t").

Get Involved with Mozilla

The text title of the page is just "Get Involved".  It should probably be consistent with the longer title in the title graphic, as it is on other pages.

The non-complete-sentence list items on this page are capitalized and not delimited by punctuation, but the similar list items on the "It's a trap!" page are not capitalized and are semicolon-delimited.  Perhaps these should be consistent.

After I clicked the "Tell your family and friends..." link, I was taken to a nonexistent product page, when I clicked the back button, Firefox displayed the following message, after which it stopped being able to load the page at all:

    The page isn't redirecting properly

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request
    for this address in a way that will never complete.

    * This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing
      to accept cookies.

And now none of the pages load.
The phishing-protection page has two different test links to the same site. The top link looks different from the one at the bottom of the page, solid underline vs dotted, and the top one changes color after I've visited it.

Both are to

which works, unlike the other links which seemed to need the en-us in the host part rather than the path.
I've currently broken the staging site (purposely). Please bear with me while I finish converting the use of ab-cd to ab-CD. :)
The firefox/about page has a broken link to "community", contains wwww instead of www.

Is the "Mozilla Modules and Module Ownership" page the best thing to link to from "development process"? Seems like a big impedence mismatch between the high-level (dare I say fluffy?)
   "We maintain the integrity of our vision and actions through a
   highly-disciplined and transparent development process"
down to nitty-gritty procedure (and starting "[We] do not make many of the ongoing decisions..." might worry people new to the concept). The "roles" page is maybe a slightly easier transition, and contains a link to the module owner page.

Or maybe you should create a new page to explain this concept to the audience of users rather than the "potential developer" audience for whom the above pages were written.

Comment 14

12 years ago
its-a-trap is not working, it currently redirects to, which is not a trap. (The en-us in the domain name is in the way, see

On stage, those URLs are 404s for localizations. Seems that the 404 fallbacks are not working in general, yet.

There seems to be a few locales that have old markup on stage, too.

Comment 15

12 years ago
I'm not seeing Urchin tracking code in for any of the Firefox 2 staged pages, for example:

<script src="/__utm.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Will this get added once the pages are built?  Justin, is there anything else we need to add?


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