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1) About should show the exxact public name of Mozilla products (2.0Beta RC3, not just build 1010 etc.), otherwise people cannot track the correlations.

2)  Dictionary shows some samples of being wrong on redlining a correct word;
    similar to capitalized word not being corrected capitalized but lower case,
    as well as showing incorrect when capitalized, both at sentence start and
     middle.  Mainly in web text boxes like your site and gmail.com

3) IE tab extension if mozilla.org should have same menu features as Firefox
   tabs AMAP.  Reverse too.  Including revert.

4) All Mozilla products should use the same dictionary interface;

       standardize this and keep it compatible

   as a product/extension/addon.  Keep the same interface version to version,
   and product to product, and dictionary revision to revision; on any future
   change provide a retrograde ABI and translation service for data(base/file)
   formats that change and that will be downgraded in future, or do not do it.

5)  Menu drop down/up is good:  position cursor to best word or option, or add
    an abbreviated method (mouse buttom mapped, or short menu/context).

6) Add a method of prompting to correct as entered: you can expand this to
   acronymic short form entry (i.e., "mx<right(ctrl)>" might produce the word

   from the existing active dictionary.

7) Alphabetize the list of dictionaries.  By Lang/dialect/version as well as
   country/political unit or native name.

8) Do dictionary additions attach to the document, page, rev or context?
   Big enhancement.

9) Multiple language context tagging is a must for future enhancement.

     A particular field or group should allow multiple dictionary scanning
     on a rule set basis (usually either (A or A-addins) or (B or B-addins)

          "Add to dictionary" then has to be tagged to become or mean

              "add to what dictionary or document context?"

10) Most important: If the immediate correction method is too difficult to
    implement fast, then include a scroll/pop/next/loop method.

     Or is there already an addon for it?

11) DO NOT ADD ANYTHING until a full feature ABI/API internal/external DB
    specification is done in fair full finality.  You do not want to add
    creeping incompatible featurism to your list of woes.

12) I strongly, strongly recommend you adopt the posture RSN that:

     Any new changes will require a previous version ABI/API compatibility
      library (for transition testing and brief use)  and a final use
     bind/compile/translation tool (to gert away from ABI Rt costs).

13)  This is going to sound a lot harder than it is:  Use the Firefox environment to hoist Windows and/or X programs into the environment:

The Windows graphics environment is essentially entirely inside IE,
and you could hook your tools into ALL programs on the box.

Or am I dreaming?

Cheers.  Hope I have resources to contribute.

or hire me, I eat and sleep cheap. 

Reproducible: Sometimes

Actual Results:  
A good facility.  Font/glyph layin for foreign languages will be interesting i the mapping process.  Coordinate with Open Office.

Expected Results:  
Scroll bar never appears in std place or goes away.

Need more to do? (grin)

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Version to version compatibility will kill you interms of development and maintenance.
Alias: royc061017#2

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Reporter, this is not a webforum. Please file only 1 issue per bug-report, otherwise we're not able to forward to the correct component/developer. And please search for duplicates before you file something.
Please see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=bug-writing.html particularly the parts about one issue per bug, and specific issues rather than generalities. Then, once you've made sure they aren't already filed there, you can file individual bugs on specific aspects of spellcheck in the Core product, Spelling checker component. General discussions of approaches that aren't specific bugs belong in one of the newsgroups: see http://www.mozilla.org/community/developer-forums.html
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"Tell him he's dreaming"

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