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garbled 407: Proxy Authentication Error Dialog at startup.


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1.0 Branch
Windows XP
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looks like some users see the attached dialog at start up. Attempting to sort out why and if there is a work around.

Checking to see the platform (expect this is windows) and if extensions or Anti-Phishing is issuing XMLHttpRequests before start up completes.  e.g. does safe more work?
Attached image error at start up
wonder if the html comes from web content or the UI?
Summary: 407: Proxy Authentication Error Dialog at startup. → jiumbled 407: Proxy Authentication Error Dialog at startup.
Summary: jiumbled 407: Proxy Authentication Error Dialog at startup. → jumbled 407: Proxy Authentication Error Dialog at startup. and the other bugs that talk about 407 errors at start up might explain the reason for seeing the error, but I wonder if we have a regression that causes the html in the alert to not be rendered correctly.
Summary: jumbled 407: Proxy Authentication Error Dialog at startup. → garbled 407: Proxy Authentication Error Dialog at startup.
Pretty sure that dialog is coming from content. I couldn't find any combination of those strings in the source. INVALID?

> invalid?

could be, but since this is first launch after installation of 2.0 there are still a few things to check out.

is the alert generated out of a request to update anti-phishing or any other content that we control and firefox startup or an extension start up is causing to happen?

Wouldn't the fact that we aren't the one showing the dialog be enough? We need more information. Knowing what page is loaded when starting would be a big help.
trying to get more info
Sounds like the person was using 1.5, and now gets the alert after trying to upgrade to 2.0.
Product: Firefox → Core
Version: unspecified → 1.0 Branch
switching components to get more network-ish eyes on this.
Component: General → Networking
Keywords: regression
QA Contact: general → networking
As Adam said, that really doesn't look like a Firefox alert. It doesn't seem to be a content alert(), either, given the title. Could it perhaps be caused by spyware trying to do something to Firefox that fails with the new version?
More info from the user:

User is on a Windows XP SP1 machine.  Their proxy is set up using the proxy auto configuration URL (in Preferences -> Internet Connection options).

They are using the following extensions:
AdBlock v.5
Forecastfox 0.9.3
Adblock Filterset.G Updater
Reveal 1.0.6
Colorful Tabs 1.4
PDF Download 0.7.4
ImageZoom 0.2.6
Google Toolbar for Firefox
Linkification 1.2.4
IETab 1.1.0
GoogleBrowserSync 1.3.20061031.0

I have encouraged the use to test with a new profile, but have not gotten a response yet.

I have tested with the following set up:
On a linux vm with an authenticating squid proxy that is configured through a pac (proxy autoconfig) url, I launched FF1.5.0.8.  Having configured FF to use the pac url I then switched to FF2.  FF2 successfully launched and prompted for my login/password for the proxy.  I was unable to reproduce the garbled failure message.

The question has been raised if the problem is that FF2 is requesting the google phishing blacklist before setting up the proxy connection - that might cause the error that we're seeing.  I'm going to be looking into getting that scenario tested.

It would be extremely helpful to know if the problem exists when Firefox is run in safe mode.  To run in safe mode, just launch Firefox with the command line:

  c:\> firefox --safe-mode

This is somewhat similar to running Firefox with a fresh profile.
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