Grey padlock on secure web sites not clear enough




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I don't think that when visting secure web sites (HTTPS) that the grey padlock is clear enough.  Why not use a golden padlock?

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Comment 1

12 years ago
that's why the yellow background in the location bar was added

Comment 2

12 years ago
I use both IE6 and Fx, so I look down to the status bar and expect to find a clearly visible padlock there.  In Fx2 the padlock is grey and not golden (as it was in Fx1) and I always get a momentary feeling that the site is insecure, the cert isn't valid or the content is mixed (especially due to the yellow/black stripe across it).  The golden reddish yellow padlock in Fx1 was much better than the grey padlock in Fx2.

Comment 3

12 years ago
I agree, especially about the "yellow and black stripes" bit.
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Comment 4

12 years ago
In addition, if the page has a mixed secure/insecure content then IE6 and IE7 will not show any padlock icons if you load the insecure content.  (They will only show a padlock icon if only the secure content is loaded; Fx will always load the insecure content; see bug 321022.)

In Fx2, by contrast, a locked padlock with a thin red stripe will be displayed in the address and status bars, although the address bar will not turn yellow.  This striped locked padlock can easily be mistakes for a real locked padlock on a secure site.

The red stripe was more visible on the padlock in Fx1 but it blends in with the padlock in Fx2.  However, I suggest that Fx not show any padlocks on mixed content.  Either the page is secure or it's not.
No padlock anymore, so this gets RESO INVALID.
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