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invalid steps not handled correctly


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Specifying an invalid step name to "release -o" (run only this step) or "release -s" (start at this step) currently has the same effect as not specifying a step. The correct behavior should be to print an error and exit.
Blocks: end2end-bld
Attached patch handle missing step properly (obsolete) — Splinter Review
($stepNumber > scalar(@allSteps)) will never be true here.
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handle missing step properly

My preference in areas such as these is to assert() validity early, and then when your preconditions are met, then do the necessary logic.

There's also the interesting bit that the loop will continue to run, even if the step has been found. Granted, this probably isn't too big a deal, but if there were a million steps, maybe it would be.

I'm also confused as to why the initialization of currentStep got moved.

I'd probably do something like (pseudocode):

if (!not grep(/step/, @validSteps) {
  print "Barf early.";

my $stepNumber = -1;

for($i = 0; $i < scalar(@steps); $i++) { # let the loop take care of the incrementing logic
  if (stepMatches) {
     $stepNumber = $i;

if ($stepNumber == -1) {
   print "Ugh."
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handle missing step properly

this is better in the latest version, but I like the assertion idea. I'll submit another one for this later.
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fail early if the step name is not valid

>+        if (not grep(/$desiredStep/, @allSteps)) {

I think you want
  if not grep(/^$desiredStep$/, @allSteps)) {
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address concerns from previous patch, also remove duplicate $currentStep declaration

>+            if ($allSteps[$i] eq "$desiredStep") {

Nit: $desiredStep does not need to be quoted.

Otherwise, looks ok.
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Landed, with nit fixed, thanks!

Checking in release;
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