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12 years ago
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The built-in Help documentation fails to include any mention of the ability to delete previously-typed entries from the form auto-complete & Location bar auto-complete dropdowns. This would be expected to be documented and findable (using the Help Search) under multiple headings: 'forms', 'auto-complete', 'location bar' (currently Navigating Web Pages), 'passwords', 'privacy options', etc -- and also (crucially) on the Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts page.

Amazingly, 'Forms' and 'Auto-complete' (or any variation of the words) do not currently even exist as headings/articles in Firefox's 'Help'. Contrast this to IE(7)'s Help documentation (& search), which actually *is* helpful.

The closest FF's Help comes is within the online link referenced in the "Using a keyboard" section showing comparisons of KB shortcuts between browsers:

As of FF2.0 form & URL entries can be deleted manually by using the up or down arrow keys to highlight the desired entry and pressing either:
- Delete, or
- Shift+Delete

Reproducible: Always

Btw, the above also applies to deleting typed URLs in the Location Bar, which is similarly undocumented.

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12 years ago
Sorry - last 2 lines of original post should have been omitted - after typing them, I rewrote the Bug to include it.

PS: same kb shortcuts for Mac and Linux? I filed it as XP for now.

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12 years ago
We do have this in Keyboard Shortcuts:
"Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry: Del"

Search is sub-optimal indeed since it basically just covers the table of contents, the glossary, and a few other items. It's not a full-text search.
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