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ChatZilla no longer auto-prompts for nicknames


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open ChatZilla (on an OS where we manage to get the username)
2. Connect to a network.

Expected result:
Ask whether you want to change nickname.

Actual result:
Not being asked.

I'd prefer if we fixed this again. :-)

Note that the DEFAULT_NICK constant isn't helpful anymore since we built in auto-detection of a nickname based on the OS username.
This is actually pretty shitty to fix. It'd basically require another pref (I think?). Maybe it would be doable to have a popup for the nickname the first time you start ChatZilla? (prefilled with the sensible user thing)

James, opinions?
I really don't want a popup when you start ChatZilla.

Do we actually have any good reasons for prompting? There's nothing destructive about changing your nickname after connecting, and very little can go wrong during connect because of it. I'm all for making a better "start page" for when you start with no URLs that might include a prominent way to set/change your nickname, but that would be a separate issue.
Hrm. What about a popup the first time you connect to any network? I still think we should prompt the user before we send potentially sensitive info (given that a fair amount of people desire to be anonymous online).
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Depends on: 402533
Alright, I'll accept a single prompt on first-run. We can do it like this:

- Default value for nickname is "".
- When you attempt to connect with it set to "", prompt for a nickname.
- Prefill the prompt with the value from the environment (move this code).
- On cancel, abort the connect.
- On accept:
  - Save the value in to client.prefs if that is "".
  - Save the value in to network.prefs otherwise (presumably this was "" to
    get here, and if client.prefs is not "" it must be non-inherited).
QA Contact: samuel → chatzilla
The solution of James Ross on comment #4 would be a good thing.
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