Cursor and Keyboard "hang" for an instant before operating as clicked or keyed




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Build Identifier: Fire Fox 2.0 just downloaded

FireFox 2.0 just downloaded and now I am using Microsoft IE because the cursor and keyboard "hang" (some background processes have much higher priority???) - can't navigate around 2.0 quickly. Microsoft IE everything operates quickly - no "hang time" with either the cursor or the keyboard.
Let me know when it is fixed so I can return to FireFox

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.move cursor to yahoo search box
2.try to type anything quickly

Actual Results:  
Click on cursor and hourglass appears in yahoo search box and you can't type

Expected Results:  
you wait and wait till it decides to remove hourglass

it should quickly allow cursor to go to new spot click and accept typed keystrokes instantly
How long is this "hang time" typically?
Have you used an earlier version of Firefox on this computer?
Severity: critical → major

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12 years ago
(In reply to comment #1)
> How long is this "hang time" typically?
> Have you used an earlier version of Firefox on this computer?

It "hangs" just a few seconds - 3-4 ? and then when you start typing it hangs again after three or four keystrokes for 4 seconds

Yes, I have been using FireFox for two years? version 1.5 worked OK.
Some background process in 2.0 eats up CPU capacity that didn't happen in 1.5
Does it work if you start Firefox in Safe Mode? (it temporarily disables
plugins and extensions, this test will help narrow down the cause of the

Comment 4

12 years ago
I am experiencing exactly the same symptoms and have exactly the same story to tell.

About evey 10-15 seconds Firefox "locks up" and won't respond for several seconds. Then it comes back to life. For example, as I am typing this, Firefox is hesitating (apparently performing some background task) every 12 seconds. I've checked on the conditions that are documented as causing such behavior and none apply to my system. There are no add-ons installed. There is no problem with my firewall software. This problem occurs in "safe mode"as well as normal mode. I've also noted that Firefox seems to spend a lot of time diagnosing Javascript syntax errors and writing to the error console. I don't need this Javascript scanning and would turn it off if I knew how. But I sense that there is more to this than that. I'd welcome a correction so that I could return to using Firefox instead of IE.

Comment 5

12 years ago
We both are going to have to stay with IE since Firefox has still not assigned this problem to anyone - even though a MAJOR problem.  Try defragging all partitions on your harddrive.
I agree and also think they should look at Javascript running in the backgrownd swamping Firefox. But, since there is no one assigned ??????

Keywords: clean-report
this doesn't have a testcase, so => incomplete
please reopen if you can reproduce using a currently shipping version
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