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"Manager" Security Dialogs should not have Close buttons, should close on Ctrl+W


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bug 361434 comment 14
> Note that three of the dialogs that popup [...]

These windows are, specifically, Certificate Manager [xref bug 77010], Manage CRLs, and Device Manager.  Verification window is, properly, a dialog with options settings & OK+Cancel, and it behaves correctly.

> have Close buttons of the sort which have been decreed superfluous.  [...]
> These also all [...] close on <esc> but, if I understand the
> guidelines correctly, should only close on Ctrl+W.

To be clear: these windows do not close on Ctrl+W, but on <esc>.  Ctrl+W is required for non-dialog windows that don't block the parent window.  I'm not sure what the policy for <esc> closing a window that doesn't have a Cancel button -- Firefox's Bookmark Manager closes on both.

bug 361434 comment 18
> Let's file a new bug for the close button issue for the security dialogs.
> those dialogs are all owned by the psm team and not us so changing them is
> not as easy as the rest of this stuff.

Hm.  Bug 251991 converted all these to "dialog" so that they close on <esc>, but that's not really correct -- "Manager" windows don't block the parent window.  CC'ing Stefan Borggraefe.

I was specifically looking at current trunk versions of these when I commented in the other bug; the CRL Manager on the 1.8 branch actually has OK/Cancel, 
but of course Cancel does nothing in this context.

xref bug 83206; CC'ing Stefan H.  I'm not sure what the status of that patch is -- it proposed to put in a Close button, which is present on the trunk, and to change the window title, which is not.
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The certificate manager does block the parent window for me (well, sort-of - I can still switch tabs, but the manager is always in front). In any case, I think what we really want is to move the certificate manager into content like how preferences now works.
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