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12 years ago
There are currently two French dictionaries: one issued from the 'Spelling reform of 1990' and the former one. Both spellings are correct.
The fact is that most of the French speaking people are born before this spelling reform of 1990 and were used to what they learned during many years.
But new Firefox users are only provided as default link in the Welcome Page, the 
1990 dictionary ( or and it is hard for non English speaking people to find the former dictionary on AMO pages (actually, the former dictionary is in the last page of dictionaries section).
So, it would be very helpful to have both these dictionaries provided by default.
The links for both of them are:

Component: → Dictionaries
Product: Websites →
QA Contact: www-mozilla-com → dictionaries
The dictionaries listed on that page are the ones that match the $ pattern, and I don't think we're likely to change that before January (with the Remora launch).  The role of that page was to link to the default dictionaries that we would have shipped with Firefox but for licensing issues, so really just one per locale was expected.

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11 years ago
This is fixed - Both dictionaries are listed now.

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11 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
> This is fixed - Both dictionaries are listed now.
This is not fixed Oliver. Please read carefully Comment #1 . BTW, there's an ongoing work to merge the two spellings into an only Hunspell dictionary, so this issue will vanish with Firefox 3.0 (I hope)

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11 years ago
I meant initial comment : comment #0

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11 years ago
Let's watch'n see these pages about this subject:
Passez voir ces pages Web, qui sont à ce sujet :


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11 years ago
Ok you were about the install box at the top of the page, which indeed links to the reformed. Frankly I don't even see the point in having it above the list. It isn't that much time-consuming to scroll down and choose a dictionary.

PS. Merci pour les liens myahoo. En cas dans l'après-midi je posterai dans le topic sur Geckozone (là j'ai pas le temps de lire les 8 pages).
Both dictionaries are listed now and the 1990 reform one is labelled.  FIXing.
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