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Importing .CSV causes Javascript error


(Calendar :: Import and Export, defect)

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Sunbird 0.5


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On a new install of 2006-11-30-04-trunk/, on both Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the following occurs:

1)  Create a new event
2)  Set event name, time, etc.
3)  Set an event Alarm
4)  Export as .csv
5)  Import the same .csv

Error is:

Unable to read form file:C:\temp\home.csv [Exception.."[JavaScript Error: "rd has no properties" {file:"file:///c:/Program%20Files/Calendar/js/calOutlookCSVImportExport.js" line: 354}]' when calling method: [callImporter::importFromStream]" nresult: "0x80570021 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS)" location: "JS frame::chrome://calendar/content/import-export.js :: loadEventsFromFile :: line 105" data:yes]
This is for Calender 2006-11-30-04-trunk/ Calendar/0.4a1
Summary: Importing CVS causes Javascript error → Importing .CSV causes Javascript error
Attached patch check for nullSplinter Review
This patch checks first to make sure our regex succeeded.  The calling code already does a nice job of handling a return of null here.  Note that I couldn't actually test this patch, because I can't seem to force a non-ics import on a Mac.
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check for null

Moving this review to someone who has Outlook to test with.
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check for null

I find only one case where the calling code can't handle a return of null. It is here:

Please add an if(sDate) to protect this section and you have my r+. 

For now, as it stands, though I will r-. (Not exactly sure how to handle this).
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check for null

Changing my review flag. This is an r+ with the change at line 277 that I mentioned.
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(In reply to comment #6)
Did some testing with the patch as it stands. It can interpret the CSV file in question correctly, and it can also interpret a rather large recurrence intensive CSV file from outlook 2003.

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check for null

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patch checked in.
Closed: 13 years ago
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Please review this patch

It tests if the date "rd" OR the time "rt" are invalid. In case of a valid date and an invalid time the whole function breaks. This contradicts the test just seven lines below where for events with missing times the "All Day Events" flag is set.

Pleace replace in line 334:    if (!rd || !rt) {
with                      :    if (!rd ) {
Hb, the patch is already reviewed twice and checked in. Please file a new bug report if you think there is an error in the code.
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