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Lightning main menu has no accesskey


(Calendar :: Lightning Only, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)

Lightning 0.5


(Reporter: cedric.corazza, Assigned: cedric.corazza)


(Keywords: access)


(1 file, 1 obsolete file)

There is no accesskey for the "Calendar" menu in Lightning.

Patch follows
This patch also adds a missing accesskey in Sunbird for "View > Number of weeks"
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Patch adding accesskeys to "Calendar" menu

>Index: lightning/content/messenger-overlay-toolbar.xul
>         <menuitem id="ltnChangeViewMonth" 
>                   label="&lightning.toolbar.monthview.label;" 
>+                  accesskey="&lightning.toolbar.monthview.accesskey;"
>                   oncommand="showCalendarView('month')"/>
>         <menuseparator/>
>-         <menu label="&viewMenu.label;">
>+         <menu label="&viewMenu.label;" accesskey="&viewMenu.accesskey;">
Let's not preserve the indenting error when we replace this line ^^. Bump it to the left one space so it aligns with menuseparator. However, leave the rest below where it is.

>             <menupopup>
>                <menuitem type="checkbox"
>                          id="ltn-workdays-only"
>                          persist="checked"
>                          label="&calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.label;"
>+                         accesskey="&calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.accesskey;"
>                          oncommand="toggleWorkdaysOnly()"/>
>                <menuitem type="checkbox"
>                          id="ltn-tasks-in-view"
>                          persist="checked"
>                          label="&calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.label;"
>+                         accesskey="&calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.accesskey;"
>                          oncommand="toggleTasksInView()"/>
>            </menupopup>
>         </menu>
>         <menuitem id="ltnGoToToday" 
>                   label="&calendar.context.gototoday.label;" 
>+                  accesskey="&calendar.context.gototoday.accesskey;"
>                   oncommand="goToToday()"/>
>         <menuseparator/>
>         <menuitem id="calendar-import-menu"

> This patch also adds a missing accesskey in Sunbird for "View > Number of weeks"

Don't combine unlike stuff into one bug and one patch.  While it may seem silly and takes more time, doing so makes CVS blame and checkin comments make more sense, makes patches smaller and easier to review (and therefore faster to get reviewed and checked in).

>Index: sunbird/base/content/

Pull this out to another bug.

r=lilmatt with those changes
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This patch addresses the changes asked by lilmat.
I will open a new bug for the missing Sunbird accesskey.
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Patch with changes asked by lilmatt

Attachment #247437 - Flags: second-review?(jminta) → second-review+
Patch checked in on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and trunk

Closed: 13 years ago
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