False comments in prio.h misleading MANY mozilla developers

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12 years ago
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(Reporter: Nelson Bolyard (seldom reads bugmail), Assigned: Wan-Teh Chang)


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The block comments in prio.h contain many statements that bear the words
"will block" or "blocks".  It appears to me that ALL THESE STATEMENTS ARE 
FALSE on non-blocking sockets.

These false statements appear in the comments for PR_Read, PR_Write, 
PR_Writev, PR_Recv, PR_Send, PR_RecvFrom, PR_SendTo, and PR_AcceptRead.  
(It's unclear to me whether PR_AcceptRead works on non-blocking sockets.)

These statements have led numerous mozilla developers to conclude that the
functions are blocking, even when the sockets are non-blocking.  Some very
wrong code has been written in mozilla due to the mistaken belief that 
these functions are always blocking, even on non-blocking sockets.  These 
statements need to be fixed ASAP.  

I generally don't think of documentation bugs as being high in priority or
severity, but considering the magnitude of the problems caused by this 
mis-documentation, I think this bug is worthy of P1!

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12 years ago
thx, Nelson :-)

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12 years ago

The documentation should probably get fixed, too.

We might want to collect proposals for improved wordings in this bug.
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