Compose window loses focus if using X-mouse and composer started via command line (thunderbird -compose)



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I use "X-focus" window focus policy (Windows calls it "X-mouse"), and usually start a compose window via a hot-key that emits "thunderbird.exe -compose"; however this bug appears under X-mouse focus policy if you start the compose window from a command line (aka "dos box").  

When the compose window opens, if it never loses focus, all will be well.  But if it loses focus, when it regains focus by moving the mouse into it (but not "clicking" in the window), it will not accept key presses, even though the compose window apparently has focus and the insertion point cursor is in the "to:" pane.

The odd thing is that this problem only occurs if the Thunderbird main window ("inbox"?) is running, even if it's minimized.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Using Windows XP "tweakUI" powertoy (Free from Microsoft), or other software, set your window focus policy to use "X-mouse".  e.g.: TweakUI-->Mouse-->X-Mouse-->"Activation follows mouse...
2.  Ensure that Thunderbird is running, although you can minimize it to reduce clutter.
3. Open a compose window with a hot-key, or open it via a command window (dos box) and enter <path_to_Tbird>\thunderbird.exe -compose.  A focused compose window will open.
3. Move the mouse so that the compose window loses focus.
4. Move the mouse into the compose window so that it appears to regain focus.  Note that the insertion point is in the "to:" pane.
5. Try to enter the addressee.  Notice that the key presses are ignored, and that you can close the compose window without the usual "Save Message?" prompt.
Actual Results:  
Key presses are ignored even though the compose window appears to have focus.

You can work around this by "clicking" in the compose window, rather than moving the mouse into it.  Although in both cases it appears to have focus, only in the former case will key presses be accepted in the "to:" pane.


10 years ago
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10 years ago
Don't know who, or how, but somewhere along the way to version (20080708), this bug (which never officially existed) was fixed!  Keep up the good work, mystery coder!
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
We don't like giving him a swelled head, so we call all the bugs he fixes WORKSFORME instead.
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