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When right clicking on folder "Bookmark Info" should read "Folder Info"


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When right clicking on folder "Bookmark Info" should read "Folder Info".  This applies to the BM Bar and BM Manager.

Reproducible: Always
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This should do it, but I didn't actually compile and test :-p
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one-line fix

This doesn't work at all.

At the very least, it should use a localizable string, and should be something like "Bookmark Folder Info".

But how far do you go?  Tab Group Info?  Collection Info?

I really think it's best to leave this as-is.
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"Bookmark Info" does seem a bit restrictive though... what if we just went back to good old "Get Info"?  From years of training (with Finder and many other apps) people pretty much know what to expect if there's something selected and they choose a menu item called "Get Info"
Well, considering you can't Get Info on a collection, we're probably safe in that department.

How about just implementing comment 3, then? That seems like the most logical solution to this problem, and the least work, which is a nice bonus ;)

In the case of a page, Get Info makes no sense (has no context, because there's no selection, or if there is, we're getting info on the page, not the selection), so that should stay Page Info IMO.  

If the consensus seems to be reverting Bookmark Info to Get Info, I'll go with the flow on that part.
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