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This one is hard to explain, so I will do my best. Please bear with me.

Today, when viewing the sidebar, we have a choice -- bookmarks, or history. This functionality is fine, but could be extended in a more user-friendly manner (so I think... others may disagree).

Rather than having the "either-or" option, why not have the ability to have both, whereas I can have bookmarks loaded, and history directly below it (or the other way around if I feel like dragging).

This option would ideally include the following:
  a) Display both Bookmarks and History in the sidebar, both showing at the
     same time but in a manner where one can resize and/or move an element
     via click/drag
  b) The option to 'close' a particular element of a sidebar (i.e. close only
     the History bar, but keep bookmarks still opened)
  c) The option to close all immediately (rather than one-by-one, so that on 
     the next decision to open the sidebar, both are displayed in the same 
     manner of before)
  d) Integration with other tools into the sidebar (JavaScript console, for 

Reproducible: Always

Again, this is a feature request that would be helpful for me, and maybe others.
It's not quite the same but for wide screen owners there's the All-In-One sidebar: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1027/
There's also an extension that adds a bottom panel so you can display both.
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