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11 years ago
I think it would be useful to establish a written code of conduct for the Mozilla community.

First, a written code would make it easier for outsiders to learn how we work and integrate themselves into the community.

Second, when someone is breaching the code, it would be easier to get that person to stop if we could point to an authoritative document that proscribes the behavior.  Sure, some people will flame, troll, etc. anyway, but I think more will stop when asked to do so if the request is accompanied by a reference to a doc.

I took a look at Ubuntu's code of conduct <> recently, and it seems like a decent starting point for drafting one of our own.

I do find it too wordy and too cautious in some places.  Also, it's strange that the avoidance of "flamewars, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments" is separately enjoined as a mere "guideline" and for mailing lists and web forums only.

But overall I think it's a pretty good statement of principles for conduct in the Ubuntu community, and I think it would behoove us to develop a similar statement for our own community.

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11 years ago
There is a discussion on this topic at (the rather unwieldy URL of)

As of 2007/01/08, people participating in the discuss were in favour of the idea (generally on the condition that the code of conduct wasn't a paper tiger or out of whack with our principles)

What do we need to do to move things forward here?

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11 years ago
Sounds like someone needs to write a first draft and post to m.governance for review.

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11 years ago
Hey Myk,

Who do you think that someone should be?


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11 years ago
(In reply to comment #3)
> Hey Myk,
> Who do you think that someone should be?

My first thought is that ideally it would be someone at the foundation who is focused on these kinds of policy questions.

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11 years ago
I don't mind coordinating this, but the raw materials for the policy should come from the heavy list users.

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11 years ago
Ok, I'll put together a draft and post to m.governance for review.

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11 years ago

If there were no screams about your proposed code then publish it in the appropriate place and start encouraging people to follow it.
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11 years ago
There were no screams, so I have made the proposed changes to the forum etiquette page and posted to mozilla.governance informing participants of the changes and asking them to abide by the new principles.
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