Do something smart with existing partitions that aren't on owners.html in search results

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12 years ago
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(Reporter: justdave, Assigned: reed)



Now that bug 362546 is fixed, we have a way to hide partitions from the owners.html page.  It just ocurred to me that if you search for a file from the search box on owners.html that exists in a partition that's not listed on owners.html, despot is going to redirect back to owners.html with an anchor tag that doesn't exist.

We should probably do something smart here...  the most likely options are:
1) pretend it doesn't exist (easy fix, but not necessarily what we want)
2) display a message saying the partition is currently hidden from the owners page (almost as easy as #1)
3) generate the display table that would have been on owners.html and just display it standalone on the results page

I'd go for #3, personally, but I'm open for opinions.

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12 years ago
I'm working on #3, but if one of the other choices is wanted, I can easily do those. :)
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12 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 366584
Product: Webtools → Webtools Graveyard
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