Open File, Save As dialog boxes block access to directory/file names beginning dot; don't have override



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The Open File and Save As dialog boxes don't work with directory and 
file names that begin with a dot (period/full-stop) character (".").  

The directory listing leaves out any contained file or subdirectory 
whose name begins with a dot, and the dialogs show no option for listing 
hidden files.

Note that this means that the user can't navigate to such directories and
files.  That limitation is completing inappropriate.

No tool should ever treat files as hidden unless it has a(n easy)
way to view them.  

(Unix "ls" treats dot-prefixed files as hidden, but it provides
the simple "-a" option to stop hiding them.  Utilities like
find and du don't even try to hide files in the first place.)

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Bring up the Open File or Save As dialog box.
2. Navigate to a directory containing a directory containing a
   directory whose name starts with "." (other than ".." and 
3. Try to navigate into that directory.
4. Notice that you can't get to it.

Actual Results:  
See Steps to Reproduce.

Expected Results:  
Seamonkey should either:
- have listed directories and files starting with "." or
- have presented a convenient, obvious option to include such
  direcories and files in the listing.
By default, SeaMonkey uses whatever file picker is offered by the OS. That file picker may or may not have a checkbox to show dot-files. But it also has its own file picker, where such a checkbox exists. To get that, instead of the OS's popup, set ui.allow_platform_file_picker to false in about:config:

1. Type about:config in the URL bar then hit Enter.
2. Type platf in the Filter box
3. If ui.allow_platform_file_picker is present, make sure it is set to false. (If necessary, double-click to toggle). If it isn't present, create it by clicking right on any setting displayed, then New -> Boolean.

Resolving INVALID (not a Mozilla bug).
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