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Setup new access/credentials for community tinderboxes


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We have a few tinderboxes that we are hosting for community projects. Historically, we've used the same build user, login credentials (ssh), etc. for tinderbox for both the Mozilla machines and these community machines. 

However, we have started moving these community tinderboxes outside the Mozilla firewall and giving some trusted community members access to the machines to assist with tinderbox management. This trend will likely increase as projects like Thunderbird are transitioned to full community ownership.

We should create a new build user for these community tinderboxes, create a new read-only CVS account that can pull from internal CVS, and figure out a plan for which services community tinderboxese will need (build staging, symbol upload, AUS) so that we can allow traffic through the firewall and setup access on the servers themselves.
Assignee: build → ccooper
I have new CVS access keys for all the major products. Thanks to Aravind for setting that up. 

Two Macs are in the process of being moved to the community network. Camino will stay where it is now (cg-xserve01), SeaMonkey and Lightning/Sunbird will each move to one of the new machines.
Depends on: 371816, 373373
As an update, all Macs were moved to the community network a while ago. All Windows and Linux VMs are also on a community VM host now too.

I'm planning to work on scrubbing accounts and such starting on Thursday (3rd) of this week.
Priority: -- → P1
The jumphost has been setup. We're now waiting for mento/KaiRo/lilmatt to verify they have access. Once their access is confirmed, we'll move the community build machines behind the jumphost, and start scrubbing the accounts in prep for handover.
We're aiming to make these changes (access restrictions/account scrubbing) during the Tuesday night maintenance window (July 10th).
The changes have been made, I'm just tracking down some test failures on SeaMonkey windows and build upload failures for Calendar. 

I anticipate officially handing over the metaphorical keys sometime tomorrow (12th).

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