Mac: Remove extra UTF-16 to UTF-8 conversion of

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12 years ago
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Sunbird 0.5
Mac OS X



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12 years ago
There's an unneeded UTF-16 to UTF-8 conversion of when we build Mac Sunbird.

Simplifying would allow the file to remain in CVS as UTF-8, where it could be indexed by LXR and human-readable in cvs diff.

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12 years ago
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Removes extra iconv step

Special note:

Since is currently UTF-16, and cvs doesn't deal with UTF-16 as text, cvs diff doesn't show the change.

When committing this, we'll need to cvs rm the existing to remove the binary (-kb) flag. actually looks like this:

/* Localized versions of Info.plist keys */

CFBundleName = @APP_NAME@;
NSHumanReadableCopyright = "Copyright © 1998-2007 Contributors.";
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12 years ago
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Less iconv, more file

Like so? Your patch was fun, since the build stopped while sed waited for you to type in the contents that you wanted passed to iconv, but I think using the file is more practical ;)

No need to remove and then add to get rid of -kb (re-adding always makes me nervous) - we know plenty of people with cvs admin perms, who can "cvs admin -k kv
mozilla/calendar/sunbird/app/macbuild/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/" for us, and the build system doesn't care how long it's UTF-8 but still -kb, as long as it gets done before next year's Happy New Year Patching.
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Gavin: I know you had lots of fun with -k kv last time, so I halfway volunteered your future services. Luckily, nobody will know I meant you, if you don't want to do it.
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Fewer typos, less rsync of .in

Pardon me while I thrash around in your queue. I didn't mean that patch with the typo that creates an empty file, I meant this one, that also doesn't rsync over the before it creates the .strings
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And as Gavin pointed out, I really should read the CVS manual once more, with my eyes open: "(except for the cvs admin -k command, which can be run by anybody)" implies that even I ought to be able to manage it.

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12 years ago
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Fewer typos, less rsync of .in

nit: remove one of the two spaces before the pipe character

r=lilmatt with that
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calendar/sunbird/app/ 1.44,
calendar/sunbird/app/macbuild/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/ 1.2,

and a little -k kv, and I think we're fixed. (Several hours ago, but I don't seem to have clicked the Commit button.)
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