"nsIXmlRpcClient.inProgress" returns false even if a RPC is in progress




12 years ago
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"nsIXmlRpcClient.inProgress" in '@mozilla.org/xml-rpc/client;1' should report wether or not a call is in progress, but it always returns false, even if a RPC is in progress. The method used to work in FF 1.5.0.*.

Programming Language is JavaScript.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. create instance of '@mozilla.org/xml-rpc/client;1'
2. call object's method "inProgress"
3. do a RPC
4. again call object's method "inProgress" while the RPC obviously is in progress
Actual Results:  
In both steps 2 and 4 the method returns 'false' although it should be 'true' in step 4. If the developer relies on that information and does the next RPC nsIXmlRpcClient throws an exception which states that there actually is a RPC in progress:

[Exception... "Call in progress!"  nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"  location: "JS frame :: file:///home/foo/firefox- :: anonymous :: line 137"  data: no]
Quelldatei: file:///home/foo/firefox-
Zeile: 137

Expected Results:  
It should report the correct state.
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12 years ago
Severity: normal → major
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Comment 2

12 years ago
I think I see this too.  I used my rudimentary Javascript skills to hack together this test, which I feel proves the bug is there:

var finished = false; var Listener = { onResult : function(client, ctxt, result) { finished = true; }, onFault : Listener.onResult, onError : Listener.onResult }; var xmlRpc = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/xml-rpc/client;1"].createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsIXmlRpcClient); xmlRpc.init('http://betty.userland.com/RPC2'); var stateCode = xmlRpc.createType(xmlRpc.INT, {}); stateCode.data = 25; xmlRpc.asyncCall(Listener, null, 'examples.getStateName', [stateCode], 1); while(xmlRpc.inProgress) {}; if(!finished) { alert('inProgress is buggy'); } else { alert('inProgress is OK'); }

Running this in the JS Error Console evaluation box, I get an alert saying inProgress is buggy.  This test works by looping on inProgress (the loop will exit immediately if the bug is true, that inProgress is always false), and then checking to see if the call really did finish according to a listener function being called (regardless of success/fail).  This may not be a correct test...

Does anyone have a workaround?  I'm writing some code where I want to do concurrent RPCs, so I keep a stack of created XmlRpcClient obs and recycle them when possible, to try to conserve memory and such.  It's really important to me to be able to truly judge whether a call is in progress.  I guess I may have to somehow track it myself, because I don't see any other exposed properties/functions of use.

Comment 3

12 years ago
this bug seems to be still there in rv:


9 years ago
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