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spelling checker flags "Thunderbird" as a misspelled word



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11 years ago
11 years ago


(Reporter: myk, Assigned: Scott MacGregor)


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11 years ago
The spelling checker flags the proper noun "Thunderbird" as a misspelled word.  Presumably we don't want to add every proper noun into the dictionary, but the name of the product seems like one it would be useful to add.

I should note that over 31 million web pages contain the word "thunderbird" according to Google, and the first 100 results reference schools, an automobile model, a real estate agency, lodging of various kinds, a card game, a furniture manufacturer, and various other entities with the name in addition to the software, so it's certainly not uncommon.

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11 years ago
That's odd, we added Thunderbird to the default en-US dictionary on the 1.8 branch for Thunderbird 2 along with Firefox, Mozilla, Google, eBay, SUSE, etc. Do those other words fail for you too Myk? 

Here's the full  list of words we added to the dictionary:


Can you double check that you are using the en-US dictionary as well?


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11 years ago
Hmm, how bizarre.  Now I can't reproduce the problem either, although I tested with both 1.5 and with the latest 2 nightly before filing the bug.  But perhaps when I thought I was testing with 2 I was actually testing with 1.5 again.
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11 years ago
ah that could be it. 1.5 would have flagged Thunderbird as being mispelled.
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