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"LDAP server connection failed" message erases address, user can't edit address


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In a text box in the address pane, the "<LDAP server connection failed>" 
message replaces the e-mail address, making it impossible to paste and
then edit an e-mail address there.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  In the addresses pane, paste into an address text box an address 
    that triggers the "<LDAP server connection failed>" message.  
    (Presumably, there needs to be at least one LDAP server connection   
    that doesn't work, and the address needs to be one that doesn't 
    match the local addressbook. 

    The address might also need to be ill-formed.  (I had copied a 
    munged  address like "xxx(at)yyy(dot)com)" and was trying to paste 
    it and then edit it into the real address.))

2.  Paste the address.

3.  Note that Mozilla first appends " >> <LDAP server connection failed>"
    and selects that portion of the text in the text box.

4.  Now try to begin editing the text in the text box.  E.g., press 
    the left arrow key or click in the text box.

5.  Note that Mozilla erases everything before the "<" before "LDAP".
    (It probably deletes everything and then re-inserts "<LDAP server 
    connection failed>".

Also, doing almost anything else (including giving focus to another
window) triggers step 5.

Actual Results:  
See "Steps to Reproduce" section.

Expected Results:  
The user should be able to edit a pasted address.

More specifically: 

Given that after ">> <LDAP..." was appended, the text selection
included only that appended part, then typing left arrow should 
have canceled that selection and left the text cursor at the
end of the user-pasted text (where the left end of the selection 

(Whether the automatically appended error message characters are
automatically removed is not nearly as important as letting the
user edit the e-mail address.)
SeaMonkey v1.0.x is not supported anymore.

Can you reproduce with SeaMonkey v1.1.9 ?
Version: unspecified → SeaMonkey 1.0 Branch
> SeaMonkey v1.0.x is not supported anymore.

Well of course if you (collectively) wait long enough, any bug report is
going to be against an old version.  

> Can you reproduce with SeaMonkey v1.1.9 ?


What do you call "address(es) pane" ?

Can you reproduce with SeaMonkey v2.0a1pre ?
Version: SeaMonkey 1.0 Branch → SeaMonkey 1.1 Branch
> What do you call "address(es) pane" ?

The pane (the graphical container, in case you haven't used a graphics framework
that calls such things a pane) that contains the list of labels (buttons?) and
text boxes for To/CC/etc. addresses in the mail message composition window.

> Can you reproduce with SeaMonkey v2.0a1pre ?

No, I can't really subject my system to pre-release software.

Have you had trouble reproducing it?  (I don't know if simple misconfiguration
(e.g., wrong host name/port number) would be enough to reproduce it, or if 
you'd need to have an LDAP server that required authentication but not provide
the Bind DN.


Confirming (tested on Mac). Easy steps to repeat (no ldap server required):

1) Create LDAP address book with hostname "invalid" (or whatever you want).
2) Set autocomplete preferences to not autocomplete local address books, and to autocomplete against the newly created LDAP address book.
3) Open up compose window, and paste "xxx(at)yyy(dot)com)" into the addressing widget/pane/whatever, try and edit as per comment 0

So basically the same as comment 0, I've just added 1 and 2 to give the setup details.
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Version: SeaMonkey 1.1 Branch → 1.8 Branch
I haven't worked out what's going on yet... somewhere autocomplete is autocompleting the failure item when it shouldn't.

I have however discovered an easy workaround: simply press ESC.
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Parts of this patch may look familiar ;-)
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Proposed patch

r=ajschult in conjunction with the updated patch in bug 438861
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Fix checked in.
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"LDAP server connection failed" message erases address b=366837 also Autocomplete only passes back previous results for first search session b=438861 r=ajschult [p's=Neil]
Fix xpfe autocomplete bustage from bugs 366837/438861 [p=Standard8]
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