Add Xft path to gfxPangoTextRun

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It's actually really easy to use Xft if we want to. Instead of having its own textrun class, we can just use Xft for the initial text->glyph conversion, by creating a new method CreateGlyphRunsXft. All the other code can be shared since it hardly uses Pango. (OK, nsTextFrameThebes will use gfxPangoTextRun::MeasureText which currently calls into Pango, but we can worry about that later.)

The attached patch offers three modes: don't use Xft, use Xft for all-8bit-char strings and Pango for the rest, and use Xft for everything. The last one is not recommended as it will likely mangle complex text beyond recognition... In fact I would rather have us ship not using this code at all. However it will be useful for us to help measure the cost of Pango. In particular I suggest we check this in with "use Xft for all-8bit-char strings" enabled, because that's roughly what we were doing before I landed my textrun patch and regressed Linux Tp/Tp2. Also it may be useful for people for whom Pango is just too slow. We may as well all share the same Xft code and get it right.
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add Xft path, enable it for 8bit strings

As described in the bug ... this gets us close to the behaviour before I checked the new textrun stuff. Not that I like using Xft, but it helps us narrow down the costs of Pango.
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I think separate Xft engine it is not very bad idea, because it can be used in cairo-xlib build...
Maybe, but we're pretty far away from supporting a cairo-xlib build.

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add Xft path, enable it for 8bit strings

this looks fine.
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checked in.
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This cut about 40ms off Tp and Tp2 on bl-bldlnx01 ... most, but probably not quite all, of what we lost from the gfxPangoTextRun landing.

You forgot to remove the code for creating gfxXftTextRun.

> 174 gfxTextRun *
> 175 gfxPangoFontGroup::MakeTextRun(const PRUint8 *aString, PRUint32 aLength,
> 176                                Parameters *aParams)
> 177 {
> 178 #ifdef USE_XFT_FOR_ASCII
> 179     return new gfxXftTextRun(aString, aLength, aPersistentString);
> 180 #else
> 181     return new gfxPangoTextRun(this, aString, aLength, aParams);
> 182 #endif
> 183 }


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