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firefox remebers passwords for sites, but not the login names. these differ - often for arbitrary rules (names with/without spaces, middle initial, added number to differentiate from other previously registered user). it would be very useful if not only the password but also the login name is remembered (autocompletion does not do the trick, because the name may start with a different letter...).

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i would expect that the login field is filled automatically (like the password field). if more than one user name is registered for a login screen then a small choice box could open and the user picks the one she wants to use. then the password is filled in.

some sites use cookies to remember a login and automatically login. i think this cannot become a general solution, so a method to remember the login/passwords would be useful.

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8 years ago
Does this fault still occur with recent Firefox versions.

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7 years ago
This seems to be a long-standing error. For me it started to happen some time in 2009, I think (always latest Firefox, under 32-bit Windows XP), and continues. I haven't done systematic elimination debugging. Several discussions can be found with a Google search; this is a common problem. When going to a website with a login name and password for which several name/password combinations have been saved, normally a dropdown list of names appears in the name box. Sometimes it doesn't, no names are offered. I have seen this attributed to Google Toolbar's autofill; I use the Google Toolbar, but disabling autofill didn't help; didn't uninstall the Toolbar to test. After starting Firefox the dropdown list appears, and stays consistently for a time; at some moment it stops working, and will then remain consistently absent until Firefox is closed down and restarted. On entering a name, the password is always found correctly. The problem occurs on other text boxes which normally remember a history (not just name with password), for example email address, cc, subject, etc. in a webmail page. This may only happen when there is more than a single stored value, i.e. a list, I'm not sure.
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