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Support Greasemonkey-style .tld in -moz-document rules


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Greasemonkey provides the ability to put site.tld as an include to a user script. This lets the script match any top-level domain without listing them all. For example, google.tld matches,,, etc.

I'd like to see the feature available for -moz-document rules. It would increase the usefulness of -moz-document rules (and user styles in general) for international users - many Google user styles posted on the web currently only apply to and require manual editing for additional domains. Google user styles are among the most popular kind of user styles - at the time of writing 14 out of the top 25 user styles posted at are for Google. (

The new TLD service could be used to know which domains to apply the style to.
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QA Contact: ian → style-system
I agree. -moz-document rules are a bit restrictive currently. See
I think this is too much of a hack to be included in Firefox.
Bug 398962 would accomplish the same thing while being less hacky.
@-moz-document is no longer supported.
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