The date function: ie;calendar will not operate as a calendar to choose date, comes as script.




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This is the email I sent to my provider. I can use Netbank for my transactions, the date function does not work: Instead of date I receive this code: See bottom to see my email. Thank you, hope you have a solution.

<body link="black" vlink="black" alink="black" text="black">
<FONT FACE='Verdana' SIZE=2><B>February 2007</B><BR><TABLE WIDTH='100%' BORDER=1 CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 BGCOLOR='#e0e0e0'><TR><TD ALIGN=center>
[<A HREF="javascript:window.opener.Build('onceOnDate', '1', '2006', 'DD/MM/YYYY');"><<</A>]</TD><TD ALIGN=center>
[<A HREF="javascript:window.opener.Build('onceOnDate', '0', '2007', 'DD/MM/YYYY');"><</A>]</TD><TD ALIGN=center>
[<A HREF="javascript:window.opener.Build('onceOnDate', '2', '2007', 'DD/MM/YYYY');">></A>]</TD><TD ALIGN=center>
[<A HREF="javascript:window.opener.Build('onceOnDate', '1', '2008', 'DD/MM/YYYY');">>></A>]</TD></TR></TABLE><BR>
<TABLE BORDER=1 BGCOLOR="white"><TR><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana' COLOR='darkgreen'><B>Sun</B></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana' COLOR='darkgreen'><B>Mon</B></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana' COLOR='darkgreen'><B>Tue</B></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana' COLOR='darkgreen'><B>Wed</B></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana' COLOR='darkgreen'><B>Thu</B></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana' COLOR='darkgreen'><B>Fri</B></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='16%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana' COLOR='darkgreen'><B>Sat</B></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'> </FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'> </FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'> </FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'> </FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','01/02/2007');window.close();">1</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','02/02/2007');window.close();">2</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','03/02/2007');window.close();">3</A></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','04/02/2007');window.close();">4</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','05/02/2007');window.close();">5</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','06/02/2007');window.close();"><FONT COLOR="RED"><B>6</B></FONT></A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','07/02/2007');window.close();">7</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','08/02/2007');window.close();">8</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','09/02/2007');window.close();">9</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','10/02/2007');window.close();">10</A></FONT></TD><TR><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','11/02/2007');window.close();">11</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','12/02/2007');window.close();">12</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','13/02/2007');window.close();">13</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','14/02/2007');window.close();">14</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','15/02/2007');window.close();">15</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','16/02/2007');window.close();">16</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','17/02/2007');window.close();">17</A></FONT></TD><TR><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','18/02/2007');window.close();">18</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','19/02/2007');window.close();">19</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','20/02/2007');window.close();">20</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','21/02/2007');window.close();">21</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','22/02/2007');window.close();">22</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%'><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','23/02/2007');window.close();">23</A></FONT></TD><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' onClick="self.opener.setValueById('onceOnDate','24/02/2007');window.close();">24</A></FONT></TD><TR><TD WIDTH='14%' BGCOLOR="#e0e0e0"><FONT SIZE='2' FACE='Verdana'><A HREF='#' 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Dear Richard,

Thank you for your recent email to the Commonwealth Bank's Email Support Team. 

NetBank is certified to operate in conjunction with the following operating system and browser combinations : 

* Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP : Internet Explorer 6.0 

* Mac OS 9 : Netscape Communicator 7.02

* Mac OS X : Netscape Communicator 7.2

Whilst we do not currently offer any form of technical support for the browser you currently use, other customers have been successful accessing NetBank using browsers other than NetBank supported browsers. If you do experience access difficulties whilst using your browser, we recommend you use Internet Explorer on your PC to view NetBank. 

We suggest that you install the latest updates and patches for your browser/operating system. Further, if you uninstall and re-install your browser, this may assist in relieving the problem you are experiencing. If you continue to experience problems, we can only recommend that you use Netscape to access our sites.

The Commonwealth Bank recognises the need for our site to work on as many computer platforms as possible. That is why we have introduced a browser based internet banking/application solution which works on multiple operating systems. 

We suggest you try adjusting the browser configuration on your machine. If adjusting the configuration does not resolve the problems you have experienced, we can only recommend that you use IE or Netscape to access NetBank on your PC.

If you would like further information please contact our NetBank Help Desk on 13 2828 between 8am and 8pm, Sydney time, any day of the week. 

If you are overseas, you can contact us on +61 13 2828 and one of our customer service representatives will be able to assist you. Please note that international telephone charges will apply to calls made direct to this number. 

For general NetBank information, please do not hesitate to visit our Web site at:

Yours sincerely,


Email Support Team
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 
ABN 48 123 123 124

Before making any decisions about our products, please refer to the Commonwealth Bank's Financial Services Guide and relevant Product Disclosure Statement or Terms and Conditions at:

Our response to this request is based on information given to us and is intended for the addressee only.  It should not be relied upon by anyone other than the addressee or for any purpose other than the specific inquiry made to us.  If we have not been given full or correct information, we are not responsible for any reliance on our response. 

-----Original Message-----
From: richardandlola
Sent: 2/5/2007 11:57:31 PM
To: NetBank Email Support <>
Subject: Re: Netbank Support - Re: NetBank Technical Enquiries - 57934 <::3OLYIKYUA53Q5REF::>Reply 5-2-07

You didn't answer my question nor give reassurance. You didn't even give recognition to my question. Did you actually read my email. I use mozilla web browser as many others do. I can access CBA web page and work with it but it will not allow your date function to work. Surely a simple technical adjustment for your tech experts. I don't think microsoft web browsingshould have the controlling influence despite its market dominance.

Please read!! and  respond.

Thank you

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Enter site
2.Log on to netbank
3.Use date function
Actual Results:  
See comment details.

See comment details.
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Whiteboard: [CLOSEME 5-15-2010]
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