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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/

Every single site or search, including a Google search for Mozilla, comes up with Server not found. Upon a second try, it will work.  Also, was working in my online billpay and went from the first secure and locked page, to the next page within the site to go to the billpay section, and it came up server not found, and suddenly, while still in the site, it was no longer secure and no longer locked.  This is happening on both mine and my husbands' computers. I have checked Zone Alarm and put the green check as instructed, but for it is listed as Firefox Installer in the list by the check, and as Firefox at the bottom. Don't know if this helps. Very concerning that Firefox can unlock a secure bank site with an error.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Try to go to any website, or perform any search.
2. Server not found error will appear
3. Try again, you will connect (on a locked site, you will now be unlocked and no longer secure)
Actual Results:  
See above.

Expected Results:  
See above.

Firefox should take you to the requested site or search on the first try.  This problem has only been encountered since downloading the new version

Comment 1

11 years ago
Firefox should NEVER unlock a secure site with an error.
"server not found" means we couldn't connect for some reason. Could be the a temporary server glitch, a local firewall issue, or the number of connections allowed to Firefox was saturated with other requests. Pressing the "try again" button often works when the problem was temporary (as opposed to a mis-typed URL) and is not itself an issue. If you're getting it all the time that sounds like something's wrong, but would not be a security problem. For that I'll direct you to our community support forums to get help figuring out, see

The other aspect, the locked site showing unlocked, has me more concerned. Does that happen on a lot of secure sites, or one in particular? When it's "unlocked" does the lock go away entirely, or does it become a lock with a red slash through it? That would indicate "mixed" mode which means the site in question directed Firefox to load insecure content as part of the page (sometimes an ad?). 

Comment 4

11 years ago
The server not found issue happens every time.  No matter where you go or what you are doing, or if you have nothing else working at the same time, it happens every time.  Yes, the try again key does work.  But this problem, with having to hit try again every single time that you use the internet, has only occurred since loading the new Firefox and is happening on both my computer, and my husbands' computer, which has a completely different set of programs on it.  The problem is with the new Firefox program. This issue never occurred until downloading the new version. Please tell me that you are working on this.

Regarding the unlock, it was on my banking site. This is first I have experienced it.  It was a lock with a red slash through it, so is this  an issue that I should bring up with my bank?  No, it was not an ad, it was simply a glitch again with Firefox saying it couldn't load, try again, and then it went unsecure.
A lock with a slash means "mixed mode" (the security state is described if you click on the lock icon), meaning the main page is still secure but Firefox thinks the site loaded some content (an ad, a javascript file, web stats, a stylesheet, anything) over regular http. Generally secure sites are smart enough not to load sensitive information over the insecure channel, but some don't seem to realize that the content loaded over the insecure channel could theoretically be hijacked in some circumstances and replaced with content that compromises the secure data. It's an unlikely attack, but possible so we indicate that state with the slash to discourage it. In the future we're likely to simply drop insecure content and dispense with the "mixed" state.

Given that I don't think this bug needs to be security-sensitive, and unhiding it will greatly increase the chances someone else will see this bug who might have a clue about your server not found problem. I still think your best bet on that is to ask on IRC or the MozillaZine forums (see link in comment 3).
Group: security
Component: Error Console → General
QA Contact: javascript.console → general

Comment 6

11 years ago
OK Y'ALL - HERE IT IS! I installed FF2.0 to a new dir. opened in SAFE MODE and had DISABLED extensions and reset to defaults. NO PROBLEM! My suspicion is... it's an errant extension. I will do upgrades later & try when i have more time. But that should put you all on the right road.
Most likely an bugged extension. We're glad you were able to get it to work. If you wish, try uninstalling extensions one by one until you identify which one causes the problem and bring it up with the extension author. Thanks!
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
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