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Seems as doesn't exist any longer. I get an error when trying to retrieve the URL.

Reproducible: Always

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Type in your browser's adress bar.
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That URL worked for me just now even though and gets redirected to
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12 years ago
No, this URL doesn't work.
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12 years ago
Works for me, too...

Is this even a b.m.o bug at all?

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12 years ago
I still get a "Host not found" when trying to ping or tracert the URL. Seems as the problem can be located at the ISP since doesn't timeout.

My ISP is the "T-Com Deutschland" from Germany.
Still works for me from home but I get SERVFAIL from my server for the address, so there is something funky going on.

I checked DNS status from home and horribly it only has one server defined,, which is even on the same domain. This is awful situation and even illegal for some TLDs. A server should have atleast two working nameservers. Also preferably in some other domain or else glue records must be added to higher level domain (in this case .net domain).

Glue records say that only and are responsible for domain but both fail for the domain. So Marc, this is a name resolution and configuration problem in those nameservers and/or in and/or in .net root information. You or your ISP should sync NS information in all three places to match.

This works for me because my ISPs nameservers still have and/or cached but overtime they will forgot and domain will stop working for me.
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12 years ago
Hey wicked, thanks a bundle. I wouldn't even have found out that there is something wrong. I'll look into this as soon as I can. I'll put a notice into the localizations section on the download page.
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12 years ago
It may be I fixed it. DNS is not my core competence at all, though. Jan, would you be so kind and tell me whether it works for you now?
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(In reply to comment #7)
> It may be I fixed it. DNS is not my core competence at all, though. Jan, would

I don't think it will work yet. Net-root name servers point to the two name servers at domain (ns and ns2) but unfortunately neither of those names are resolvable. This is because they are marked as responsible for their own domain (in and that are authoritative for the domain) but they don't agree on this.

Good thing is that they are now correctly giving information about so things should start working when you fix domain. Basicly you just need to configure and as authoritative for the domain just like you made them authoritative for the domain.

Feel free to catch me for more questions. DNS happens to be my specialty. :)

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12 years ago
(In reply to comment #7)
No, still doesn't work for me, sorry.

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12 years ago
My ISP is ASN: 12897 [HEAGMEDIANET] and I couldn't reach
Then I used the ping service from and got back 
Ping #1: Got reply from in 99ms [TTL=57] etc..

Now is wfm.

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12 years ago
Ok, thanks again, wicked! I fixed 'em wayward name servers now, would you be so kind and have another look at it? Do I understand this correctly now: and its ns2 counterpart both depend on glue records (on, I think) because they're responsible for the zone they're in?

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12 years ago
Yes, it works for me now.
Those name servers seems to be behaving nicely now.
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